How to Overcome the Fear of Fitness Failure.

When I work with clients or talk to people about their fitness goals, many express a fear of failure. For some people, it seems easier to do nothing than invest time at the gym and risk falling short.

To those who fear fitness failure, I have two points.

First, I like to remind my clients that it’s important to ‘fail’ at least half of your fitness goals. If you’re achieving everything you’ve set out to achieve, then I’d suggest that you’re not aiming high enough.

Secondly, maybe ‘fail’ isn’t the right word. As personal growth guru Dr. Wayne Dyer points out, there’s no such thing as failure:

Failing is a judgment that we humans place on a given action. Rather than judgment, substitute this attitude: You cannot fail, you can only produce results. Then the most important question to ask yourself is, “What do you do with the results you produce?” It is better to jump in and experience life than to stand on the sidelines fearing that something might go wrong.

Dyer then goes on to cite the example of a child learning to walk. Inevitably, the child will fall down many times as he or she discovers how to use their muscles and balance. These falls aren’t failures; they’re learning experiences.

Indeed, you may go to the gym with the goal of losing 20 pounds over the next three months. Maybe you’ll only lose 10. Or maybe you’ll gain 5. Rather than considering this a failure, view this as an important result. And then do something with the result. You know that you’ll need to change some of the variables – like the exercises performed, gym frequency, duration of exercise, diet, etc.

Learn from your results, and then evolve accordingly.

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  1. so true.
    for me, workout is like the process of living.
    work your difficulties out! 🙂

  2. christopher says:

    again so many wise words from reminded that ive progressively doing well with my exercise and diet plan.i diagnose and examine carefully everything i i workout.ive listened to advice from personal trainers and the like.despite reaching my short term and long range goals-i get negative feedback from my Father.rarely is he encouraging despite my great progress.everyone else says otherwise.———for instance-i have 24lbs to lose-my bodyweight goal is 170lbs.he makes a comment-statement-that it should take 24 months to lose 24lbs.preposterous.personal trainers-i will take their advice-but this time-Father doesnt know best.if i did indeed listen to him-i would still weigh 266-270lbs.

    • Cristopher, you’re not alone ► “despite reaching my short term and long range goals-i get negative feedback from my Father.rarely is he encouraging despite my great progress.everyone else says otherwise” →► the same is happening with my own father every week.

      Please dont give up, parents are a little stupid by their own selfish way… Don’t Give Up and Don’t Surrender!


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