How Will Exercise Transform Your Life?

After dropping a significant amount of excess weight, one of my longtime friends experienced a dramatic transformation in her life. Because the extra weight prevented her for doing so much, a million new doors of possibility were now opened.

I remember traveling with her to one of Rhode Island’s coastal parks and climbing along the cliffs. In the midst of our jumping, laughing and playing, she realized it was all something she had never been able to do before. Because she was thinner, more athletic and in better health, she was able to experience many “firsts” in her newly transformed life.

When clients talk about motivation – or lack thereof – I encourage people to think about how life will change upon achieving their fitness goals. While the changes in my friend’s life were extraordinary, all of us can improve the quality of our lives through a healthier lifestyle.

Exercise prevents disease, improves your mood, boosts your energy, promotes better sleep, improves learning, reduces the risk of premature death, leads to better sex, lifts depression and improves self-esteem – just to name a few of the many benefits.

When you have trouble mustering up motivation to hit the gym or to embark on a new workout routine, refocus your attention on the benefits of exercise – and how these benefits can and will transform your life. Imagine the many ways in which your life would be different and visualize the enhanced quality of life that you’ll experience.

Hold on to this image with all your heart, and use it to fuel your motivation as you reach for – and achieve – your fitness goals.

How has – or will – exercise transform the quality of life that you experience? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I do find it difficult to work up the motivation to get up and go when it comes to exercising, but I think with your advice I can focus on getting active more often than I do now. You’re a great inspiration Davey! Thank you!

    P.S. I just totally read that whole article in you voice lol

  2. Hi!
    I’m fan of your site for 2 months ago now, i’ve read a lot of interesting articles.

    being overweight is not easy for me, i’ve been fat almost all my life, im 26 and i don’t want it anymore.

    here i found a lot of tips and motivation to change my life, i hope i can do it, i already started 3 months ago. for me, lose weight will be great not only in a healthy way but also a lot in self esteem.

    thanks for your great page and all those yummy images that you put here (including yours davey ;D)

    i’ll let you know how i’ll be 6 months after

    sorry if anything written is wrong (my native language is not english)

    • Hey, Cesar, you did great with your comment. Better than many for whom English is their first (or only) language. ๐Ÿ™‚

      You can reach your goal. Others have, and they are certainly no better than you. Keep at it and think about who you want to be and don’t focus on how much you don’t like the way you are now. Hold the image of how you want to be in six months. Not how you are or were. Look forward, not back.

      For example, I’ve been through a couple of really rough years, (broken collar bone two years ago and then a pulmonary embolysim (a stroke in your lung) last February and physically, I’m a wreck. So much forced non-activity. But, I visualize my friends at Wreck Beach (a nude beach in Vancouver, BC) commenting on how good I look. I crave that first “Wow! You look great! You’ve been working out.” I hold that image, that video, if you will, in my mind and pull it out any time I try to rationalize not going to my workout.

      Best Wishes!

  3. Davey,

    I lost 35 pounds last year and have kept it off for 7 months after my “diet” ended. This article is it exactly. Sure it is good to feel better in my body, but learning I could do something I didn’t know I could do, impacted my life in many ways. I think having a trainer for a few times is really helpful. They will encourage you to do more than you think you can. When you do it, it’s an amazing feeling. For me it was mental as much as working out. I was ready. Thanks for this today.


  4. Hi Davey ,
    I am one of the ” RARE ” few who have the OPPOSITE problem … I can not keep weight on . When I put weight on , I feel great and energetic , like I can tackle the world .
    Now to explain , I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 15 . I went from approx. 150lbs down to 98 lbs ,mid 20’s , 6 abdominal surgeries ( 1st one saved my life, 6 feet removed) , 2 years ago diagnosed with Flagylneurotoxicity w/ periphal myopathy .
    I just turned 48 yrs old , I up to 210 lbs and feel GREAT !!!
    I truely admire people who have the “guts” to take care of themselves …the motivation , the mental well being , & the great feeling that ” I did this!!!”
    Keep up the Great work & inspiring those that you can !!

    • Posted on Hello, my name is Alex, i’m a newbie here. I rellay do like your resource and rellay interested in things you discuss here, also would like to enter your community, hope it is possible:-) Cya around, best regards, Alex!

  5. When motivation lags think Nike. Just do it.

  6. 1 – i stopped using cocaine every week;
    2 – i stopped drinking liquor everyday;
    3 – i stopped using vodca with soda as my “dinner”;
    4 – after 08 months going to gym I’ve gain muscle mass, I’m popular at tge gym, I teach the new users there when they do any exercizes wrong, and now I eat 06 meals everyday;
    5 – i dont have any hungovers every morning.
    the bad part: i dont know why I dont have [more] sex as I used to [only getting laid sex each month… ouch] oh well, we all have to do some sacrifices after all ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Jacob Flippin says:

    I have kept the same mantra as my motivation to keep going to the gym. If I lose this extra 20 lbs. I will feel so much better and be able to do more with my life. Plus I will get to wear a tight t-shirt and not feel self-concious about it!

  8. Changed careers after exercise became an obsession.

    • B,Why are you trying to make some coarcisnpy theory out of this? The JP, like any other newspaper on the world, is publishing what its readers want to read, and they, apparently, dont want to read what Larry had to say (even if hes written it here, and not in the paper itself). How is their behaviour different from the behaviour of any other newspaper or blog around the globe? Do counterpunch, mondoweiss, tikun olam expose the truth and the truth only? People come to those blogs, as a contra-sample, to read abou tthe world from a very specific perespective and point of view, and this is what they get. When was the last time u read any rational response on one of those sites, to anyone who dared to present a right-winged (or even moderatly left, such as me) point of view? If those free blogs, which are written and edited for ideological purposes only, which emphasize their faith in freedom of speech so often and which pretend to represent some superiour morals and values cant handle with people who come with different opinions why should the JP (whos first and most important goal is to make money) behave differently, and not listen to what its readers, the source of its income are telling it to do?Im not saying its a good thing they fired Larry. I respect him alot, for being honest with himself and his readers, for being patient enough to listen to others and for actually being able to have a dialog with others, but Larry doesnt represent the average human being in this case. Most of the people simply cant/dont want to hear opinoins which differ too much from their own, and it has nothing to do with Israel particullary, or right and left winged issues.

  9. @fadrick paiva

    Well… since sex dont get that frecuent, why not change the quantity with quality?, a one night, hot, steammy, savage and unforgetable sex.

    As for me, i still get the filling of “what if…” before going to gym, its poisonous, its difficult for me to get over this problem, i tend to overthink things, even the simplest (im deffinitely crazy, i know), but for now, what has been working for me is before going to the gym is to play my music on headphones loud, so i dont hear myself telling me to think of the things i didnt think and get out to the street running away from home (my home, my jail XD); good thing i havent failed for 2 months now, im happy for that


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