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I Need Help: Tips for Controlling Excessive Sweat! | Davey Wavey Fitness

I Need Help: Tips for Controlling Excessive Sweat!

Dear Davey,

I am way overweight; I’m 6’1″ and approaching 300 lbs – and it is gradually increasing.

I would really like to go to a gym regularly again, but lost interest in it after I was sick for more than two months. I know that I have to take some radical action to get my weight down and release a lot of the fat I’m holding on to.

This may sound a bit odd, but one reason I have not wanted to go to a gym again centers on a problem I have – I sweat A LOT. It doesn’t take much to get sweat flowing from my pores and all over my body. When I am at a gym, I am concerned that I am ruining the experience for other people as I tend to drip sweat on things.

I used to carry a towel to try and reduce how much this happens, but what can I do about this problem? Do you know of a way to reduce the sweating, or is there something I should be doing when at a gym and sweating on things?

A big fan,

Dear George,

I hear you, and your email strikes close to home. I, too, am an excessive sweater. I like to think it’s because I hit the gym hard, and exercise at 100% of my capacity. But the reality is, some of us are more prone to sweating than others.

First of all, sweating is a very good thing. It’s normal and very healthy. Not only does it help cool the body, but it cleanses your skin. In fact, sweating is my secret to a clear complexion. Some people might envy your propensity for sweating.

The amount that each of us sweats is determined by genetics, diet, medications and even hormone levels.

Of these, diet is obviously the easiest to control. Complex carbohydrates, fat and salt can all lead to increased sweating. By eating fewer processed foods (which are high in sodium), for example, you should be able to reduce the amount that you sweat. Pay attention to the nutrition labels on the food you eat. Opt for healthier options that are low in sodium. For some people, increased calcium intake and sage tea also seem to help. Also, coffee and spicy foods may lead to increased sweat production.

But fear not: Sweat doesn’t smell. It only takes on an odor when it makes contact with the bacteria on your skin. It goes without saying that good hygiene will eliminate any potentially embarrassing smells.

Some athletic apparel is designed to reduce sweating – or to wick sweat away from the body. Lululemon, for example, has shirts that are specifically designed for heavy sweaters. Of course, I still manage to sweat through them – but it does help.

Though your sweat towel may help, use a separate cloth or paper towel to disinfectant and wipe down each machine after use. Gym goers are accustomed to sweating, and they won’t be put off so long as you adhere to proper gym etiquette and hygiene. If you sweat on it, clean it off.

Moreover, I’d encourage you not to use sweat as an excuse for continuing on with your current lifestyle – even if none of these tips prove useful. All of us can find excuses not to exercise, and eliminating one often illuminates another. Stop listening to why you shouldn’t exercise, and start listening to why you should. It’s time to invest in yourself and radically improve the quality of your life.

I hope this helps.


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  1. Great advice Davey…. Now who’s the guy in the picture u used??? Damn he’s smoking HOT (0; love ya xx Col

  2. Kevin Mullen says:

    I sweat all day long unless I end my morning shower on cold for a couple of minutes. Hot shower opens all your sweat pores. If its hot and stuffy outside they never fully close again and you sweat all day.

    Ending the shower cold for a couple of minutes closes the pores and you don’t sweat so much during the day.

    Really works for me!

  3. Sweating… Agh, I sweat when it is above 60 degrees. I am in Iraq, so I stay sweaty all day unless I am seating in front of a fan, with the AC on full. The gym here gets really hot, after a good 15 minutes(of intervals thanks Davey!) I am drenched in sweat, I use it to motivate myself. The more sweat, the better I am working out. My goal is to have my shirt completely wet, face, arms, and legs dripping with the good stuff.

    All I have to worry about is keeping hydrated. I do have to say that it works wonders on your skin, before I started working out and sweating all the time, I used to get pimples on my back, I haven’t seen one in a long time, and the rest of my skin looks great as well!.

    • Yes, it’s interesting. A lot of us love to sweat the gym and feel like we didn’t get a good workout if we’re too dry. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. charley says:

    Just make sure you use that spray bottle and wipe everything you use clean and dry. And don’t be stingy with the deodorant. Thank you.

  5. John Matthews says:

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  2. […] I wrote before, sweating is actually a good thing. It helps cool your body and even can clear your […]