Increases in Muscle Mass May Lower Diabetes Risk.

Muscles aren't just about looking sexy - they're good for you, too.

Admittedly, many people seek to add muscle mass for superficial reasons. But as it turns out, bulking up is about much more than just looking “good.”

Increasing muscle mass has a number of benefits – not the least of which is a huge boost to your metabolism. Adding muscle burns more calories; it’s one of the most effective ways to create a calorie deficit when it come to weight loss. Muscles also make you stronger (duh!), so it can improve your performance in any number of activities ranging from the mundane and ordinary (like housework or heavy lifting) to sports and competitions.

But a new study, soon to be published in the September issue of of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, found that increases in muscle mass may be linked to decreases in diabetes risk. The study looked at data from 13,644 adults and concluded that a 10% increase in participants’ skeletal muscle index resulted in a 11% decrease in insulin resistance and a 12% decrease in pre-diabetes.

Dr. Preethi Srikanthan, lead researcher, noted:

Our findings suggest that beyond focusing on losing weight to improve metabolic health, there may be a role for maintaining fitness and building muscle mass. This is a welcome message for many overweight patients who experience difficulty in achieving weight loss, as any effort to get moving and keep fit should be seen as laudable and contributing to metabolic change.

While the finds are important for all of us, they’re especially important for people with pre-diabetes who have difficulty releasing extra body weight. Yes, losing weight does reduce the risk for diabetes – but, according to the research, so does adding muscle.

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  1. Great tip but… uhh… Whoever wrote/read this post did not select this photo or vice versa.

  2. WOW! Good article – who is that gorgeous man in the pic??

  3. Bullwinklemoos says:

    Truth be told- thanks for posting the study. I am living proof that this study is legit because growing up I was a fatty and well rather unhealthy- even put on glucofage. Even though my mom’s a pharmacist, no 10-year-old should know that word. 7th grade, I was introduced to the weight room and now that I’m a freakin’ bull (6’7″/290, 36×36 jeans, 300 lb bench) my risk for diabetes is practically zip.

  4. I don’t know that. This is the awesome information. If i have no diabetes but will try to build muscle mass for reduce to risk of diabetes. Lol. thanks