Is Strength Training Bad for Your Heart?

It’s Valentine’s Day. On this day about love, it only makes sense to talk about your heart.

Are you one of those guys (or gals) that only does strength training and skips out on cardio? Perhaps you’re going for muscle size, and you’re afraid that the cardio is going to kill, limit or reverse your muscle growth. (This, by the way, is a misconception.) It happens all the time. I’ve seen a number of serious gym enthusiasts pass by the treadmills and exercise solely in the weight room.

Be Warned: Turns out, doing strength training and skipping cardio is actually bad for your heart.

Researchers from the University of Austin spent a great deal of time studying the effects of intense strength training. After a good weight lifting session, there’s a good chance that your body will be sore; soreness generally peaks at about 48-hours after the workout. If you were to examine your sore muscles under a microscope, you’d notice inflammation. Researchers discovered that this inflammation causes increased arterial stiffness – which is not good for blood vessels and arterial health. And although weight training does also provide heart-healthy benefits, the arterial stiffness is something worth paying attention to.

Doing cardiovascular exercise reduces this inflammation. So, hit the weight room hard – but make some time to spend on the cardio machines, too. Hopefully, this study will be a real eye-opener for those people who think it’s okay to skip out on the cardio.

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