Olympics Inspiration.

Philip Boy: My Olympic gymspiration.

I absolutely love watching the summer Olympics. Not only are the God-like athletes exceedingly easy on the eyes (my new favorite is German gymnast Philipp Boy), but the competitions can also be an incredible source of inspiration for us all.

In Latin, the Olympic motto reads Citius, Altius, Fortius. In English, it translates to Faster, Higher, Stronger. And with each day of the games, we see just that; old records fall and new records are set.

While we might not be destined for gold medals, I do think there’s an Olympian in all of us. More than a competition, the Olympic games are about pushing beyond our limits and the pursuit of excellence.

This morning, I was running on the treadmill while watching the televised Olympic games. With only three minutes left of my cardio, I was running low on energy. I wanted to stop. Through my sweat-blurred eyes, I could see the athletes pushing themselves harder and harder. As my finger reached for the treadmill’s “stop” button, I instead clicked the speedometer up two notches. I ran like I’ve never run before. And though there was no podium to make, it was my gold medal moment.

Within us all, there is an Olympian in embryo. It’s the little voice telling you to keep jogging when you want to walk or to get that extra repetition in at the gym. When you’re sitting at home and have an inclination to exercise, that is the Olympian within pushing you to do better.

Faster. Higher. Stronger. While we might not be winning any medals in London or setting any world records, we can use the Olympics as a source of inspiration in our own personal pursuit of excellence.

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  1. I totally agree. Well said. I think I might just frame this article on the wall. I’m at the gym right now reading this lovin it!1 Shalom!! thank you!!

  2. LOL i totally agree, philipp boy is totally amazing, he can jump on me any time he wants ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Haha not surprised you love him. He’s totally hot! I got my eyes on his team mate Marcel Nguyen though. He’s dee-lish!

    I digress; with the Olympics always being televised in all the gym monitors, it’s hard not to be inspired to work harder and to push for that extra rep. Love it.

    Of course it doesn’t hurt when you’re also watching eye candy

  4. Have you ever checked out our own Dutch athlete Epke Zonderland? He makes you forget every other man!

  5. i must agree, olympics are awesome. the gymnasts bodies are unbelievable, and they are incredibly strong.

    BUT, i can’t wait for my favorite….track & field, the sprinters, now THOSE are god like bodies! ha

  6. christopher says:

    wow-i was thinking just that-i finished my treadmill soiree with i thought no effort at all.i had a gr8 workout-and feel good about it.

  7. I have competed in track on an international level for 8 years. While I agree that the Olympics, in terms of always trying your best, is incredibly inspirational, one must wonder just what inspiration comes from “competing to beat your opponent” or “pushing your body near the point of destruction.” This last dogma causes people to become detached from themselves, and their truth, and leads to narcissistic athletes who will do anything, even hurting their overall health and forgoing true happiness, in order to get the momentary satisfaction of winning. I just feel that there must be a balance here. While excellence is great, competition simply for the sake of winning is probably not.

  8. Sometimes I feel the Olympics were made By Gay men, For Gay men, To Gay men….trust the Greeks and the Romans ๐Ÿ™‚

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