Popular Fitness Myths Exposed! [Video]

I love busting fitness, exercise and nutrition myths with real science, studies and data. Just because you’ve heard something – even if you’ve heard it A LOT – doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily true.

Today’s video features some of the most popular and most pervasive fitness myths that I’ve posted about over the years. I bet you believed at least two of these myths. If I’m right, let me know in the comments below!

Check out the video via my Davey Wavey Fitness YouTube channel.

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  1. I didn’t believe any of those myths!

  2. I was waiting for the “sit ups give you a six pack” myth

  3. I totally believed the sex myth and the food before bedtime myth. Thank you, thank you, thank you for telling me they’re not true!

  4. I only kind of believe the one about eating before bed, that will get you fat because you’re not gonna burn that right away since you’re gonna sleep, and that also you’ll have nightmares because you’re making your stomach work at time of rest.

  5. I only believe(d) one of those: eating before bed, and that was due mostly to the idea that your digestive tract/system slows during sleep. (Of course, it also slows when you are exercising/strongly exerting yourself, so there’s a mirror in that logic…). So I beat your challenge, Davey! 😉 Still, though, it’s good for you to post this, as it will no doubt be helpful to many people who view it. Thanks!

  6. As I understood the “muscle weighs more than fat” thing, is that it revolves around a difference in volume and mass.

    If you take a certain amount/volume of fat and muscle, the muscle would weigh more because of its mass and density. Similar to filling a 10 lt bucket with water, and one with sand.

    Though you technically have the same amount (volume) of both, the weight is different because they’re affected differently by gravity because of their mass/density.

    As you explained it: a pound of bricks weighs the same as a pound of feathers (kinda duh, no offense). But it takes a lot more feather to get a pound, then bricks. Bricks you’d only need half or maybe one. Feathers you’d need thousands if not millions. So with the same weight, comes a completely different volume because they don’t share the same mass/density (per kubic inch for example). Vice versa, it would be that the same amount/volume weighs differently. Hence the saying that muscle weighs heavier than fat.

    And to be completely honest, I don’t think fat tissue and muscle tissue share the same mass/density. But I’m no scientist, so I’ve got no idea nor the means to calculate it myself. Please anyone, correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Just saying says:

      Yah! I was going to call this one a pound of muscle is smaller, muscle IS heavier aka denser.


      ^ not sure if accurate but 1 lb of muscle is what? 1/3 the size of 1lb of fat? so yes muscle is heavier.

      a pound is a pound, but when people say muscle is heavier than fat they MEAN it’s dense and takes up less space. so that is not a myth :S

  7. Dude, you are so friggin’ funny! I eat when I’m hungry, even before bedtime, and I have not gained a single ounce. I eat until I am satiated. I eat healthier than anyone I know. It really is WHAT you eat, not WHEN you eat it! Can always count on you for great advice, Davey. Kudos!!!

  8. I knew all of that, does that mean I´m fitness nut?

  9. lol, some of them were ridiculous.

    ps: can you make a video where you speak slowly, take it as a challenge!

  10. I only believed the eating before bed thing, and mostly because I know that skipping breakfast is such a bad thing, that i figured eating directly before sleeping was bad.

  11. By muscle is heavier I’m pretty sure it means denser really, there’s sort of an assumed by volume in there.

    Still bonus myth so whatever.

  12. ill be waiting for my 5 dollars, if you could convert it into GB pounds that would be better lol

  13. your nipples.. dayum!

    what were we talking about?

  14. Ok you got me on brown eggs and thinking eating before bed causes more weight gain. However, eating before bed is still bad for some people due to… shall we say increased “digestive distress.” I wonder if it’s due to the physiological changes of sleep or just being horizontal and inactive for so long.

  15. Marcus Franklin says:

    I actually only believed the food myth for the longest time. Glad that one was cleared up though…I know it still gives a lot of people grief.