Pros and Cons of Workout Buddies.

If he's looking for a workout buddy, I volunteer!

Is getting a workout partner a good idea? Like so many things, it depends on you, your situation and your goals.

Here are the pros:

  1. Accountability. Having a workout partner holds you to your gym schedule. You’re less likely to skip the gym if you’re planning on meeting someone there.
  2. Knowledge. Like they say, two heads are better than one. Ideally, find a workout partner that has more experience and a better understanding of fitness. You can learn from him or her, and apply any new-found knowledge to your routine. In addition, your workout buddy may be able to add some new exercises to your routine.
  3. Assistance. Having a workout buddy means you’ll have someone to spot each of your exercises. When you have a spotter, it’s easier – and safer – to push yourself to achieve higher levels of resistance or to complete additional repetitions. Moreover, your workout partner can ensure that you’re maintaining proper form.
  4. Sociability. In the same way that running on a treadmill is more enjoyable with headphones and an iPod, so too is lifting weights with another person. Having someone to talk with can make the experience substantially more enjoyable.
  5. Cheerleading. Your workout buddy can be your cheerleader, and help push you when you’re trying to get that final repetition. Having that extra kick in the butt can make a huge psychological difference.

But, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. Here are the cons:

  1. Time. Unless you are aggressive in your timing, workouts tend to take longer with two people as you have an additional person completing sets and reps. A 90 minute workout might take two hours – and for some people, it’s a deal-breaker. Watch the clock.
  2. Responsibility. If your workout partner lacks commitment, you may find yourself having to push and prod him or her to get to the gym. When it’s challenging enough to motivate yourself, do you really want to be motivating someone else?
  3. Scheduled workouts. If spontaneity is your thing, having set workout dates may not be appealing. Moreover, if you’re the type of person that skips off to the gym on a whim – or sneaks in a workout when your schedule allows – you’ll probably find scheduled workouts to be yet another frustrating commitment.
  4. Sociability. While it’s great to have someone to chat with, those conversations can really cut into the workout. A 60-second rest might stretch on for a few minutes – and it all adds up to poorly managed and inefficient gym time.

Clearly, having a workout buddy isn’t for everyone. But if it is something in which you’re interested, follow some of my tips for finding one.

Have you ever had – or do you currently have – a workout buddy? What do you like about it? What do you dislike? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I’ve found, in the past, that I experienced both the pros and cons stated above. It was great having the help, motivation, instruction, instructing, and socialization…but time was always against us. It wasn’t uncommon for workouts to take over 90 minutes (typically an hour for me). Schedules didn’t always mesh, and, since we worked out after work, it wasn’t always possible to meet at exactly the same time due to workload. All in all…a positive thing. To anyone that can handle the occasional bump a workout partner is very much worth it and I wholeheartedly believe they are a good thing!

  2. Here’s a suggestion, rather than a workout buddy, how about a coach/trainer assistant? With a coach/trainer assistant you get all the positives, and since he/she isn’t also working out, your time isn’t extended. If you go to a gym, they might have some people designated to fill that need. If they don’t, maybe they should consider it. I think it would be a plus for the business for their clientele to know there is always someone there to help you out.

  3. Working out has always been a solitary pursuit for me.

  4. i have a good trainer but i think he’s hitting on me and i am falling for him what should i do???