Grip Strength Training Mistake.

So you’ve started going to the gym—and you’ve even put together a workout schedule. You’re working different muscle groups on different days and allowing for proper recovery time. You’re off to a great start.

Even so, you still may have fallen victim to one of the most common mistakes that exercisers make when writing their own routines: Pairing grip-intensive exercises.

Whether you’re working your chest, arms, back, shoulders or legs, many exercises require grip strength. If you’re holding dumbbells or a barbell, then you’re engaging the muscles in your forearm and hands and using your grip strength.

As it turns out, our hand and forearm muscles aren’t as strong as our body’s major muscle groups like those mentioned above. And so if you pair exercises that make use of grip strength—i.e., pairing bench presses and dumbbell pec flies on a chest day—then you’re liking to experience grip fatigue before your pec muscles max out.

A smarter routine would pair bench presses with an exercise that gives your grip a break—like pushups. You can still do pec flies, of course, but don’t pair them with another grip-intensive exercise.

Correcting this mistake is simple and easy, but yields some really great results.

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  1. Hmmm, that’s one I haven’t thought about, but I guess it makes sense. Thanks Davey!

  2. neverknew says:

    Personally, I don’t think bench pressing is very grip intensive. Dumbbells, yes, very. But I don’t feel it very much during bench press or inline. Question though, if I haven’t built in any specific fore arm exercise in to my routine, should I??? or is doing everything else that is grip intensive enough??

  3. Gustavo Joris says:

    I totally relate to this article! As I beginner at the gym, I feel my wrists very fatigued when I pair grip-intensive exercises… even more fatigued than the muscles being worked out, which I find very annoying as it can compromise my results. I will re-arrange the order of my routine now. Thanks for the advice and congratulations on your very nice blog!