Too Old to Exercise?

Proving time has no power.

If I have heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times: “I’m too old to workout. I just can’t get into shape at this age.”

Excuses, excuses.

This morning, in my San Diego gym, I was working out alongside an elderly individual. With his intense cardio and strength training routine, he put many of the younger guys to shame.

I noticed a World War II hat on the gentleman’s head – and so I asked him if he, like my grandfathers, had served in the war. Turns out, he had. Moreover, I also learned that he’s 91 years old. Yup, 91. If he’s not too old to workout, then what’s your excuse?

As people age, they tend to lose muscle mass. This condition is known as sarcopenia. According to the US National Library of Medicine:

Advancing adult age is associated with profound changes in body composition, the principal component of which is a decrease in skeletal muscle mass. This age-related loss in skeletal muscle has been referred to as sarcopenia… Reduced muscle strength in the elderly is a major cause for their increased prevalence of disability.

The good news is that sarcopenia can be prevented – and even reversed – through physical activity and exercise. In addition, exercise keeps metabolic levels higher, prevents reductions in bone density, improves aerobic capacity and better manages insulin sensitivity. In other words, though exercise is important for all people, it’s especially important for aging populations.

Instead of saying, “I’m too old to workout” it may make more sense to say, “I’m too old not to workout.”

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  1. Jerry L. Hanson says:

    Up to age 50, I never excercised & had been smoking for 30+ years. On my 50th BD, I realized I would never see my 60th BD if I didn’t make changes. I began exercising, quit smoking & began paying attention to my diet. Thirteen years later, I’m looking forward to 90. Exercise has made a tremendous difference in my life. I look and feel better at 63 years of age than I did at 40. It’s never to late to change your life.

  2. I thought I was too old at 40 to start gyming. This piece of information is truly inspirational. Time to get to the gym. I guess we are never too old to start. Its better to Start now than Never. Thanks.xoxox

  3. charley says:

    I’m 65 and I’ve been working out for over 30 years. And no, you’re never to old to start.

    That being said, I can’t work out in the same fashion I did 20, 10 or even 5 years ago. While some are fortunate enough to never develop serious problems, others not so much. I have bad back issues and have had two serious surgeries. But sitting on the couch isn’t an option. The key is to know, or go to someone who knows, the right way to work out within your own limitations. I recommend personal training (which I did professionally after retiring early from my “day job” until a couple of years ago).

    If you are older you will probably do better with a trainer closer to your age. While 20 somethings are often very knowledgeable, they can’t really feel what you feel. But by all means keep active.

  4. At nearly 57 and after bouncing back and forth between 165 and 196 for several years, this January I finally decided to eat better and exercise. I was eating too much fast food. Weekends only started turning into every other day. I wasn’t necessarily because I liked it, but because it was easy. I hate cooking. I started January off at 172 and now I’m down to 150 and feel so much better.

  5. I’ve been working out for 31 years, I am now 58 and I really enjoy it. I enjoy it so much that I became a Personal Trainer last year after I retired early from my job of 36 years. I hear from my friends all the time that I should not be working out at my age, but I tell them that I will always figure out a way to work out no matter what!

  6. christopher says:

    im in my fifties-ive lost over 100 lbs/45kg-never felt better.actually better than in my 20s or 30s.its never ever too late.change your life-it changed me.

  7. This is really inspirational!! Of all the stories Davey you have here this is the most touching and inspiring.
    Very often the media shows “young” people with great toned bodies.Whether its the cover of a magazine or an advertisement the model is often, if not always young. Nothing against that. But now its TIME TO CHANGE THIS trend or Balance this out!!! We need to inspire not just the young but also the ‘old’ to work out and acquire the desired results. So more pictures and stories of the “older” toned men – this will inspire, motivate and change our outlook towards Exercising and Aging!!!

  8. At 59 I long needed to get in shape my blood pressure was a mess, sugar levels was climbing and the weight scales were ramping up. Since i now started to watch my diet, and go to the Gym 5 days a week in 6months I’ve lost 26lbs built muscles that are starting to show nicely, brought the blood press. down to 118/78 and sugar levels back to normal. Yes guys it can be done! and I’m not stopping. The energy levels are great ,I get up early every morning early (even without the alarm clock) and start my day at the gym not in bed. No Excuses It Can Be Done At Any Age.
    Thank you Davey, your an inspiration to All no matter what age you may be .

    Stay fit and Healthy ……..Just another Dave

  9. In the Philippines, working out or going to the gym is not a norm but I persevere. I started working out but not seriously in my late 30s. My goal is juSt to get healthy because I thought that having a 6 pack abs is impossible at my age.

    I’m now 48. Lo and behold, my abs is starting to show now despite the moderate effort to work it out. I have never been happy with my body. At my age I can still flaunt a nice bod on the beach. I intend to learn surfing this summer.

    Hope this inspire other men to be healthy.

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