Top 11 Things NOT to Do at the Gym.

One of the few sweat puddles I wouldn't mind sitting on.

With a lot of hot and sweaty people in such a small place all clamoring for the same equipment, it’s important to practice good gym etiquette.

To that end, here are 11 things that you should never do at the gym:

  1. Passing in between an exerciser and the mirror. People use the mirror as an aid while lifting to ensure that their posture and balance are maintained. Cutting in between someone that is exercising and the mirror is a big no-no – and downright rude.
  2. Neglecting to wipe down equipment after use. Be kind; don’t leave your sweat behind. There are few things grosser than leaning back on a piece of equipment and landing in a sweat puddle. Use a paper towel and spray to sanitize the equipment after each use.
  3. Resting on the equipment. If the gym is busy and people might be waiting for your equipment, don’t take breaks on it. Even if there’s no line, it doesn’t mean that no one is waiting; someone may be eying your machine while killing time on another.
  4. Don’t monopolize a busy gym by using multiple pieces of equipment. If the gym isn’t crowded, there’s nothing wrong with rotating sets between two different machines. But if you’re exercising during a peak time or if people might be waiting, opt for one machine at a time.
  5. Talking to someone during a set. Yes, socializing is an important aspect of the gym for many – but be considerate of other exercisers. Talking while lifting can be a big distraction. Likewise, if someone is sprinting on the treadmill, they won’t have the breath to talk to you.
  6. Don’t talk loudly on your cell phone. People that talk loudly on a cell phone probably don’t realize that they’re doing it – and you may be one of them. If you need to take a call, excuse yourself from the facilities.
  7. Don’t cut the circuit training line. If your gym has exercise machines, note that there is probably an order to the way people use them. Many gyms number their machines or post a flow chart. Be mindful of other exercisers, and don’t hop on the machine in front of someone.
  8. Don’t wear unwashed gym clothes. I know people think it’s fine to wear gym shirts and shorts more than once. The truth is, if you don’t sweat – you probably can. But for everyone else, please spare us the odor of yesterday’s workout. If you sweat in it, wash it.
  9. Don’t spit, snot or blow your nose in the drinking fountain. Enough said, thank you.
  10. Don’t leave weight plates on the equipment. Gyms don’t have maids. There is no one to pick up after you. And remember, putting the weights away makes you strong, too.
  11. Don’t be the creepy guy (or gal) at your gym. Unless, of course, the creepiness is reciprocated by the other party. If your inquiring eyes or comments are not returned, save the flirtation for eharmony or manhunt.

That’s my list – but do you have any other no-no’s to add? Sound-off in the comments below!

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  1. Yes, I have a BIG no-no! To all you gym queens out there that think the gym is only for those that are already muscular or fit, STOP picking on the people who are a bit over-weight. Instead of giving them the cocky rude looks as you walk by, you should support them and help them. If they are there, chances are they want to make a change and nothing, in my opinion, discourages someone who decided to start working out more then a “gym bully”.

    • Jason its not just the queens who do this. The macho str8 men are guilty of this too.

      I too was intimidated when I first started at the gym by these guys walking around like they owned the place. Then I had a long hard think about that. These guys all have their own issues about their body and the ones who give you the “stare” are often a$$holes anyway. To be honest who cares what they think. You are there because you want a change and are doing it for the right reason. You don’t want these guys who are giving you looks to support you anyway, they will just talk about how fat they are ect ect making you feel worse.

      Best tip put your ipod in and ignore them or even better say “HI” as you walk past.

      • Completely right Adam. I should have said Gym Queens and Kings (lol). And honestly, I stopped letting it get to me a longgggg time ago. But it still happens and I see people still doing it these days. Just wanted to get it out there. 🙂

    • I agree 100% that people have a right to feel comfortable at the gym regardless of their fitness level. Some of the people I know who are a little more self conscious about their bodies perceive these judgemental looks even when they don’t exist. I’m not saying that no one ever gives someone else a snotty look at the gym, but I do know of some occassions where a guy gets upset about getting an unpleasant look and the guy he’s upset with has no idea what is going on.

  2. Wear proper clothes and undergarments when at the gym, E.G. Loose shorts and boxers. Last thing I need to see when I’m on the treadmill is your scrotum (unless you are crazy attractive. then maybe I’ll let it slide ;)). Briefs are made for a reason.

  3. 12. Don’t sing (at the top of your lungs) along to your iPod. Creative expression is great, but we all can’t hear the song your listening to and you sound a little silly. I much prefer dancing to my iPod 🙂

    13. Don’t grunt sooooo loudly that it sounds like your fighting a rabid mountain lion to the death while lifting that barbell. It’s alarming (like someone is dying!) and distracting.

  4. I agree with all of your points Davey & with Matt. Wear gym attire. Don’t workout in your jeans and street shoes, boots or flip-flops. And do let people work in between sets. And for heaven sakes I don’t want to hear all the details of your personal life while you gab on the phone or to your besty

  5. Chris Tackett says:

    Don’t do your dumbbell sets while standing at the dumbbell rack. Pick up the weights, go to a clear spot of floor, and let other people move in and around the rack to pick up and replace their weights.

  6. Yes grunting and also slamming down the weights are the mark of a jerk.


  8. To some guys in the gym: Stop wearing shorts that easily show your genetals when your using a machine that requires for you to open or lift your legs. It’s distracting and most of the time unpleasent to see especially since you don’t shave your pubic hairs and have a garden growing.

    To everyone else don’t wear shorts that are too small for you and show your butt crack when you sit down or ones that keep falling down when your running on the treadmill or on the cross trainer, it’s horrible for people who are on the treadmills or machines behind you as all we can see is your butt crack lol. I also notice that some people wear clothes that are far too tight for them and i see them straining on their body when excersising, it’s really bad for circulation when excersising, you need clothes that are loose yet don’t fall down on you or pull tight, you need to allow the blood in your body to circulate freely around your body. If you want clothes that fit the shape of your body atleast buy some proper shape fit gym clothes instead of buying cheap clothes 1 or 2 sizes smaller. I honestly worry about their health with such tight clothes on them ,they look like their are suffocating.

    • shorts that keep falling down while you’re on the treadmill? I don’t think anyone would want to repeat that if ever it’d happen within my sight. I’d just have to laugh so hard and loud that I could skip all my abs workout for the whole week.

      • Hahaha i see it a lot, they are on the treadmill or cross trainer and their shorts or gym pants are almost half way down their bum and they don’t seem to care that everyone can see their butt lol. Actually i saw a guy at the gym today who’s gym pants were falling down on him while he was stretching up on a machine to set the weights haha but i see this occuring all the time with people lol i think they forget they have lost another pants size. Keep an eye out on the treadmills infront of you and the cross trainers haha like tones of people have a pants problem XD.

    • I wanna go to Emmabee’s gym!

  9. Don’t be part of a conversation cluster. If you’re going to engage in a conversation with a couple of your fellow gym members, take it to the side or somewhere where you won’t be blocking other’s access to weights and equipment. This is especially bothersome when the conversation goes on and on and they are oblivious to the interruption they are causing to the flow of the gym.

  10. Great. I do see a conflict between 2 and 3 however. I am not going to wipe down after every set and if someone wants to “work in” they can ask and up to them to wipe down if they “work in” during my sets.

    • Uh, dude, if you get up from the machine, even for a sip of water, WIPE IT. You’re not using it, that means it’s available and someone else may want to use it.

      • Absolutely not. Timing is everything, and when I’m supersetting with another exercise, I absolutely will not stop to wipe down the machine that I’m using. You’re welcome to work in, but it’s at your own risk. And getting up for a drink of water does not mean your done with the machine; you’re “done” when you’ve finished your last set on it. If you don’t like sweat, stay your happy ass home; sweaty equipment, floors covered in chalk, and grunts from people lifting four plates above their bodyweight is motivating, and it’s exactly how gym should be.

    • Last time I checked I pay a membership fee like everyone else so if you are not on the equipment at that exact moment consider it stolen or taken (which ever you perfer)I’m not asking to use equipment that I pay for and that you are not using. Secondly you sweat all over the equipment and you will wipe it up no one at the gym is your maid! You refuse to do this and you can find yourself another gym. Thats how we roll!

      • Nikki, people go to the gym because they share acommon interest–improving their physical condition. For this reason, the gym is a community, and people must be courteous. If some one’s using a machine, you don’t simply walk over and take it; you ask if they mind if you work in. I go to the gym 7 day a week and have likely asked to work in a few thouasnd times on varying exercises, and I have never, EVER, gotten “no” as a response. Maybe the people at your gym are jerks lol, you seem awfully hostile, but a lot of people superset exercises (myself included), and just because a machine looks unused, doesn’t mean it is. Sharing is caring.

    • Females stop throwing your bloody pads down in the showers and leaving them there. This has happened on more than once and it is completely disgusting. This could be completely avoided by simply throwing them in the nearest trash can. I rather see a female rightfully walk out of the shower to dispose of a bloody pad than to throw it down in the shower for others to see and have to clean up.

  11. I want to second Chris T about doing your set in front of the weight stack. So frustrating. And furthermore in regards to the DB weights, people should put them back (vs leaving them all over the place) and put them where they should be (when possible, sometimes it’s such a mess, there are no 30lb spots left when holding 2 30s).
    Overall – great list!

  12. euh…. remind me how many kids are dying of starvation everyday in Africa?

    • Are you implying that everyone should stop living there lives, stop going to the gym, and stop working to feed these kids that are dying in africa? That is just a pretentious and ignorant statement. Instead of commenting, sell your computer to help feed those thousands of kids, and sell your car, your house, just sell it all.

      Off subject, I think people should think before talking, or in this case, commenting…

  13. Control your weights!
    Too often I see guys try to lift weights that are way TOO HEAVY and then slam them to the floor.
    Last year a guy was trying to press dumbbells that he couldn’t lift properly, and he let them slam to the floor, and one of them bounced on my foot (I was over 5 feet away!) and broke one of my toes!

  14. Don’t take forever filling your bottle at the water fountain if someone is waiting for a quick sip.

    • That would be the bottle-filler’s call, to be courteous or not, at which the sipper would have to be patient and wait his/her turn, or be thankful if the filler let him/her cut in front.
      If there are 2-3 people, or more, waiting for a sip, the bottle filler would never get a chance, unless there was a ‘sip fountain’ and a ‘filler fountain’ at the gym…

  15. Agreed Matty, people at my gym love to grunt. When the room is crowded, it sounds like a teenage orgy :/…

    • Hahaha yeh it does sound like a big orgasm, every time i hear a big grunt like today, this guy was trying to lift a weight that was too much for him near me and he was like “Huughhhh!” as soon as he let go, he sounded like he just let go of a big load XD i laugh every time because it sounds so wrong.

  16. I think a lot of this is just bitching. You’re being just as bad as the people who are doing the stuff you’re talking about. By that, I mean you delude yourselves into thinking the gym is just about you. If it bothers you that someone sweats on a machine, YOU clean and sanitize it for yourself. It’s great that you sanitize it for the next person, but if it’s not a gym rule, you have no right to tell other people what to do. As for talking on the phone, DON’T LISTEN. Put on your iPod if it bothers you so much. My god, there is too much going on in this world to be bitching about every little thing. If you don’t like what people do in public gyms, buy your own damned equipment.

    • Saying that gym etiquette is self-centered is inherently false. Etiquette is about adhering to an agreed set of guidelines so that everyone may enjoy facilities; it’s not a list of complaints.

    • thanks for that post robert…you have a real valid point and you said what was on my mind. the only rules that people should be following is the rules set by the gym…not davey wavey’s bitchy little annoyances…let the workers be responsible for keeping the equipment clean.

      • Actually, a lot of gyms have rules are far as sanitation goes. Idk what nasty local gym you attend, but in the city where I live every gym I’ve been to so far has “Please sanitize the machine after every use.” on there list as well. It’s not so much a bitchy complaint as it is a prevention of Staph infection which can be contracted from another person’s sweat via an open wound, or in your nose or eye’s. If not for that reason, it’s just plain gross, some of you don’t even take proper baths so your sweat is even worse than you might imagine.

  17. this would be great for every single gym in america you should put them up they are great rules

  18. If you’re going to use an equipment, check (or even better, ask) if somebody is using it first. Even if it’s not being used at that very moment, someone may be just resting between sets. Just going and taking/using it is one of the rudest things I can imagine.

  19. Hey Robert- you are the problem.

    • Agreed. It’s simple gymnasium etiquette.
      If one has a problem with ANY of those basic points (plus a few people have mentioned here) one should limit their workouts to a farm, or maybe save up and get own their gym, where they can stink up, obstruct and contaminate the place as much as they want.

  20. Wow, I couldn’t disagree MORE with some of these!

    1. “Passing in between an exerciser and the mirror.”

    UNAVOIDABLE. With so many people at the gym sharing the weights, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY you can avoid passing between they and their reflections. Especially because most gyms stack all the free weights IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR!

    What’s bad is when you CAMP yourself between somebody who is working out and his reflection. Don’t hang around or start your own workout between someone who was there first and using the mirror.

    When you do have to cross someone’s reflection, just do it quickly and considerately. They can still see themselves enough.

    2. “Neglecting to wipe down equipment after use.”

    If my body didn’t leave any sweat on the machine, I don’t bother. Otherwise, yeah.

    4. “Don’t monopolize a busy gym by using multiple pieces of equipment.”


    You’re not the only one who wants to use that machine, so if you spend an hour on the same one during peak hours, you screw a dozen other people out of their chance.

    I never do sets consecutively with the same machine or weight for my routines (usually). I do one set, then switch to a different exercise and come back later SO THAT OTHER PEOPLE CAN WORK IN and use the equipment during my breathers.

    I keep my time with ANY equipment to the bare minimum, all in consideration of other people. Your muscles need a variety of exercises anyway, and having lots of different machines to do means that one of them is always available to you, even during busy hours.

    So alternating is more efficient AND courteous.

    I do set up routines with consecutive sets 2 or 3 months out of the year because they work your muscles harder and more intensely; the variety is necessary.

    But alternation is the norm for me and I consider it WAY more courteous than hogging one piece of equipment.

    8. “Don’t wear unwashed gym clothes.”

    I don’t wear unwashed tops, because that’s where most of my sweat goes. I re-use shorts often because they don’t get too sweaty.

    Most people seem to repeat their outfits at the gym A LOT; I doubt they’re washing them between every usage.

    Very few of them are so stinky or close to me that I notice. Are you following stinky people around like a shadow or something?

    I will, however, support your stance with regards to underwear. Not because it affects other people, but because occupying the same underpants for multiple days is a crime against the self.

    10. “Don’t leave weight plates on the equipment.”

    PLEASE DO. Chances are those 45-lb weight plates you just removed from each side are the same ones I need for my exercise! Now I just have to put them back up, and we both just wasted muscle energy we were reserving for more targeted exercises.

    Almost NOBODY empties their weight plates before leaving a machine. It’s like an unspoken deal — you rearrange the last guy’s mess according to your own needs and the next guy will do the same for you. It’s just the most practical way, and most people need the same core weights.

    Here’s the best rule of thumb for gym etiquette: Take what you need when you need it, and don’t HOG.

    11. “Don’t be the creepy guy (or gal) at your gym. Unless, of course, the creepiness is reciprocated by the other party.”

    Like the rest of us want to watch you two eye-fuck each other all night. No, extended ogling is disrespectful and inappropriate, even if the two in question like each other. Get a room.

    That said, it’s impossible not to notice and slightly enjoy the sight of hot people at the gym. Just be quick, discreet and respectful about it. Don’t let your eyes linger for more than a couple of seconds on anybody. Don’t stare at anyone directly — just glance at their ass in the mirror.

    And DON’T be one of these trolls who can’t take a hint that someone’s not interested in them from the denial of eye contact. They keep trying to “attract” someone’s attention by following them around, ogling them, showing off in front of them or essentially stalking/harassment.

    If you have to STALK someone to get a response, your romance is probably not gonna work out. There are only so many more bodies you can pile into that pit in your basement before the next guy can just crawl out over them.

    The flipside of “not being a creep at the gym” is that you can actually HURT PEOPLE’S FEELINGS if you don’t acknowledge them at all. Sometimes very HOT people you admire.

    I can’t tell you how many hot guys whom I’ve avoided gazing at for fear of “creeping them out” who got offended. They’re used to people kissing their asses all the time, so if you DON’T do likewise, they assume you don’t like or respect them. You’ll look away from them, they’ll scowl or frown and offer up shade when they see you from then on.

    It’s like they assumed I was stuck-up or don’t like them, when their hotness actually floors me.

    I wish there was an international signal for “I’m not looking away from you because I think you’re beneath me. I’m trying not to creep you out and interrupt our workouts. I would gladly lick your grandma clean and pay off your mortgage if you asked me to.”

    Great idea, huh? NO ONE would be creeped out by THAT!

    If I see someone day-in, day-out for years at the gym, I acknowledge them with a nod, wave or “hello,” even if we’re strangers otherwise; even if they’re ugly, provided they don’t abuse your politeness by trying to interrupt your workout or expecting sex.

    • Can’t believe I am getting drawn into this but you are 100% wrong about reracking weights. Not everybody wants a 45 plate on the bar to start. I have been asked multiple times to help grandmotherly women remove weights they can’t even lift so they can work out. You have no idea who the next person there will be. Unless he is waiting behind you and says “it’s cool i’ll be using those 45s,” then you should put them up.

      At my gym, one guy will load up a bar for deadlifts (i’m talking 5 plates on each end of the bar, must have been a big dude), and then leave it sitting there. So the next person will jsut take a bar from a bench and load it up and use that instead… and then walk away and leave the bar sitting there. I have literally had to put up 20+ plates and 2 or more bars just to make space in the free weight area to deadlift.

      if you are strong enough to lift it, you are strong enough to put it away.

    • when you said eye-fuck, I LOL’ed

    • LOL great overall post, but I’m going to have to agree with the other guy about re-racking weights. I spend A LOT of time in the gym, and I understand what your saying, for most people it will likly be easier to just leave weights on. But every gym I’ve been to has had a policy about stripping the bar upon completion of your exercise, and to refuse to do so is just disrespectful toward the management. The person using the bar after me might be a skinny dude who throws quarters on each side, I wouldn’t want to inconvenience any one else. Furthermore, when weights are left on, it’s hard to tell if some one is finished with the equipment. Things just go more smoothly, if you return the weights to their home.

  21. “#9. Don’t spit, snot or blow your nose in the drinking fountain. Enough said, thank you.” AMEN! And that goes for the urinals in the Men’s locker room, too. Disgusting.

  22. I would include NOT dropping dumbbells after you’ve done your set. It’s distracting to others and potentially dangerous to yourself.

  23. I’m going to defend the multiple gym-clothes-wearers. I typically get 5 relatively sweaty workouts out of a shirt, probably more out of shorts. Really, unless you’re wearing cotton, they do dry quickly and retain little odor. Sure, if I buried my face in an armpit, that could be a problem, but there is not projectile odor.

    Synthetic-material exercise wear (e.g., UnderArmour) is particularly sensitive to washing (fabric pills), so that’s another for getting at least a few wears out of an outfit.

  24. I agree with some of the “things not to do at the gym” list. Here are some things that bother me:
    1. The old naked men in the locker room wandering around. I wish they would wrap a towel around themselves.
    2. Naked people sitting their bare behinds on the bench in the locker room.
    3. Naked men leaning against the sinks while shaving.
    4. People not wearing decent underwear!
    5. People that hog equipment. There is a father-son duo that will hog one multi-machine for 45 minutes. Arrrgh
    6. Ultra skinny people walking for hours on a treadmill at 2.5 MPH.

    Lastly, people that think they are so hot that they don’t speak. I’m a friendly person and I say hi, nod or acknowledge when I met people in the hallway. 9 times out of 10, the hotter the person, the more stuck up they are and won’t speak back.

  25. Please no cruising in the locker room. If you’re looking for a hookup go to a bar or a website. No shaving in the steam room. It’s just gross.

  26. NORMAN CHURCH says:


  27. My personal hobbyhorse is people who think it’s okay to rack a 45 and a 10 on the same rack! Also people who put their dumbbells back wherever.

    Sexist observation: guys are terrible when it comes to re-racking, especially if they’re heavy lifters. It’s like they want to advertise that they bench 315. Women don’t get the idea of working in: they treat equipment as though it were a barcalounger between sets, and use that time to text their friends.

  28. Stewart says:

    This is a first cousin to dropping your weights. Don’t SLAM the weight into another weight when you are putting them on a bar or machine. Besides jarring my nerves, I’m going to go deaf from people who do this when I’m working out next to them. If you need so much attention go to an audition for an acting job.

  29. RE-RACK PLATES AND DUMBBELLS WHEN YOU’RE DONE WITH THEM! Period! You’re clueless at best and a self-absorbed a$$wipe at worse if you leave DBs laying around for someone to either 1) have to hunt for all over the room to find or 2) trip over, or if you leave plates on the bar or littering the floor like raised manhole covers. Moronic.

    I’ll second Chris Tackett and Paul: Don’t use dumbbells right at the rack and get in the way, and–yes–Paul’s right: often the most muscle-bound guys are the worst offenders when it comes to first using/claiming but then abandoning plates (still on the bar) and DBs for others to have to mess with.

    Apparently, the more steroids that you use, the more important your time is compared to everyone else’s, right? Yeah, that’s right….if you’re an ass.

  30. Don’t touch my shit. If my water bottle is in your way, ask me nicely to move it and I will. I don’t know where your hands have been, and I certainly don’t want to wonder about it after you’ve touched my god-damn water bottle. So please, just ask! Thank you so much!

  31. big bonny lee says:

    in regards to all those about dropping weights on the ground. sometimes you just can’t help it, at the end of a set to fatigue you almost always have to drop the dumbbells onto the floor as your muscles are too exhausted to work. if you’re not working that hard, then there’s no point being at the gym

  32. people who wear clothing that is two sizes smaller to the gym

  33. And this is all why most people hate, hate, hate gyms and the snobs in them.

  34. Don’t come to me with your ugly body and tell me how to do my workouts!!! I know how to deal with my own body and you clearly DON’T Ms. ” Extrainer who USED to work at a gym”

  35. Great information, glad to be a part of this fitness world. Thankyou Davey.

  36. I just wanted to say that if you’re working in a circuit gym (such as Curves), if it isn’t busy, please don’t get in the machine directly behind someone. Circuits there are only 30 seconds long, and I get frustrated when I feel like I’m making someone wait while I’m changing machines.

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  38. Feedback please:
    I like to train intensely and I tend to work out later in the evening when the gym is not so busy. One late evening while I was half way through my 20 min. grueling step mill cardio session, a woman stood in front of my machine trying to get my attention. I had my headphones in, my music blaring, sweating and of course out of breath! Cardio doesn’t come naturally to me so I can’t talk while doing it. I tried to tell her I can’t talk at the moment. When I was finished she blasted me, swearing at me saying that I should have stopped my workout to address her. She wanted to know how much time I had left. I think it’s so inappropriate to interrupt someone when they are engaged in a cardio activity. BOTTOM LINE: The machine is in use and the person should be able to enjoy their work out safely and in peace. Some people should really learn to wait or find something else to do in the meantime. Is this a common experience for people?

  39. christopher says:

    these are gr8 hints/tips-im happy to note i keep to these points-guess that makes me a great gym patron.

  40. Stephanie says:

    The thing I really hate is when people can’t keep their eyes on their own cardio machines! I tend to turn the resistance & incline way up on the elliptical to build strength while getting my cardio workout. As a result, I’m not moving the plates at 100 rpm’s like skinny minny next to me on level 1/1. I’ll be working up a sweat, and this chick next to me just keeps staring at the settings on my machine to see what the hell I’m doing. No, I’m not retarded…I know how to use the elliptical. Just because my legs aren’t flying around as fast as yours does not mean I’m not working out.

    • Agreed Steph. Your post reminded me of Jenna Marbles’ blog on youtube. It’s titled “People that piss me off at the gym”. I think you’ll like it, let me know if you do 🙂

  41. Yeah the comment that the person left saying “people should leave the weights on the bar,” um yeah no. Your comment might have been OK if you used 5s for your example but 45s?! I consider myself a fit female but I would not want to be moving around someone else’s 45 pound weights. Also when weights are still on the bar it signals to me that it’s “in use” and that the person probably just went to get a quick drink.

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  43. I saw this girl in the locker room using blowdryer to dry her pubic hair. Nasty!!! So unsanitary.

  44. I understand the idea about not walking between someone and the mirror. However, at my gym, there are 2 pieces of exercise equipment in the center of the aisle. All of the benches are between these pieces of equipment and the mirror. If the gym is full and there are no other benches, should I wait to use the bench until the person using the center piece of equipment is done? I’m doing flat bench presses so I would by lying down. SOS!!

  45. Gym etiquette:

    STOP COMPLAINING!!- sick of hearing people complain about someone, something or themselves. They end up getting nothing done and take up too much space.

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