Top Gym Pet Peeves!

There’s a lot that I love about the gym. But not everything. As such, I put together this video all about my top gym pet peeves.

Check it out – and, in the comments below, let me know if I missed anything.

With a little common sense and regard for the people around us, proper etiquette can make the gym a better and more enjoyable place for all of us.

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  1. biggest pet peeve: guys (or girls, but usually its guys) who grab a pair of dumb bells and immediately start lifting right in front of the rack effectively cordoning off a 6 foot area all around them so that no one else can use any weights on the rack

    • The other side of the argument is that sometimes you need to be close to the mirror and if the weights are heavy its easier not to carry them 10 feet before your set and then back.

      Its more annoying to me when someone walks in front of a set getting between me and the mirror. I mean, just wait the damn 10 seconds until the set is done.

  2. 1. People that do olympic style slamming of weights.
    2. Teams of people that dominate a machine for a half an hour. One set by person 1, talk for 3 minutes, 1 set by person two and repeat forever. You can’t ask to rotate in so you just have to wait.
    3. People who do super shitty sets of squats. Its so annoying when they are taking up the weights and are going down like 4 inches before they pop back up.

    This isn’t really a pet peeve because its perfectly reasonable for the asking person but it still annoys me. Sometimes I’m doing nontraditional sets like drops sets with no rest. They ask to rotate in and I’m thinking this is going to take an hour to explain i’m doing no rests groups of sets so its super annoying.

  3. Passing gas in the cardio areas, where one is required to breathe heavily.

  4. Smelly people. This includes 2 types of people/smells. And I’m not talking about the sweaty smelly ones. that’s expected. I’m talking about the ones that smell like a garbage truck, like they haven’t showered in about 3 weeks. The other side of that are the ones that use a whole bottle of cologne/perfume before they go.

    • Right on Joe. I usually push myself near the point of puking but I have pretty good gag control (practice practice practice) until I get into the lockerroom and am confronted by a thick cloud of cologne. Then I lose it. Honestly, I would rather smell ballsweat than Aramis in the lockerroom (but that is also true of busses, subways, bars, and backrooms.)

  5. Dennis, Frankfurt says:

    1. Reading newspaper in between repeats … but forget why they are sitting there and keep reading for like 10 min and if you ask them if they could possible READ somewhere else they look at you like you asked for one of their kidney !

    2. Usually young guys that lifts a weight like 3 times and run to the mirror to see the effect. Then go back, weight lifting another 3 times, then go back to the mirror, and so on and so on …

    3. if one passing gas and if you go to open a window coz you cannot breath they scream “shut the window, cant stand the draft!”

    4. Talking on the phone and walking around for ever while occupying a machine with their towel …

    5. Why bring a cell phone to the gym area anyway ? last week I saw someone with TWO smartphones next to his bottle of water. Come on, are you THAT important? Really ?

    6. Or those that bring their phones keep checking every 3 minutes if they might have missed a call .. but no one called

    7. scratching their balls and then using the machine, without any handwashing or cleaning the handles of the machine after using ….. eeuwwww

    8. Or you waited forever to get to one certain machine and the second you start, someone would come and ask “are you done soon?” or “how many repeats till you finished?” or “can I join in” …. (NO, freak, you cant. If you havent been on the phone for some time you would have had the chance. NOW its my turn)


    • Who makes phone calls anymore? Seriously? I’m checking my twitter feed, sms messages, or e-mail to kill the minute between sets. Its better than just looking into space with a vacant distant look in your eye that I see way too often.

      And it allows me to work out during the day where there is less people at the gym.

      • its grindr lounge at my gym.. srsly, put down the smart phone and pick up some weights.. and tim.. youd get a better pump if you left the iphone at home – youd be resting less between sets..

  6. I can’t stand when Barbie on meth gives you the stank eye for being on “her” bike for spin class. I’m early, pay the same fees, but now am the jerk in class cause I told you to ride a broom. Rude.

  7. I hate it when I go into the locker room and there are no hot naked guys! I mean, isn’t that what the gym is for, cruising?? Completely kidding…quite the opposite really. If you only have a gym pass to cruise in the locker room, go somewhere else.

  8. I have a few. In Britain it’s quite tame in the gym but sometimes there are just a few things that tick me off..
    1. Guys that groan when they’re lifting weights. Why are you doing that? Why is it necessary to make a noise? Why not just breath silently like the rest of us?
    2. Guys that hog the free weights area. Its like they think its some sort of parade area. Please .. get a load of yourself.
    3. Guys/Girls that walk around that know they’re hot. We all try and pull it off, but when you see the ones that actually do …
    4. People that stomp while they run – get better shoes. You can’t be doing good things for your knees.
    5. Gym instructors – why are you so hot? Why do you always flirt when you are clearly out of my reach?

    .. I hope others feel my pain.
    Also Davey please do a video about funny things that happen at the gym. There are too many stories!

  9. Bronson says:

    I have several pet peeves. Too many to list all of them but here are a few:

    1) Guys sitting naked on the bench in the locker room. Gross.

    2) Hacking up “stuff” and spitting it out while taking a shower.

    3) The scarecrow, meth gals taking up a machine using 5 pound weights. Come on. Seriously my cat could do that.

  10. 1. being really loud, i mean grunts are to be expected because hey its a lot of work lifting heavy weights, but if it sounds like you are going rip out part of your colon by lifting, you probably shouldn’t be lifting in the first place.
    2. having a conversation when i have headphones on, i mean, i have head phones on for a reason, you need to use the machine go ahead just don’t expect me to sit there a full 10 minutes to listen to your life story, its disruptive
    3. be considerate of others, please wipe down machines after using them

  11. Piscesrd says:

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t really pay that much attention, because I accidentally had captioning on, and the captions are hilariously wrong for what you were saying.

  12. Stalking me. Do you really have to do the exact same routine as me? Go use a different machine!

  13. David Maurice Ham says:

    Guys that act like they’re scared to be seen naked in the locker room (gay or straight)…come on, this isn’t church, so get over it.

  14. most annoying has to be talking on cell-phones while hogging a machine or weights .
    The ‘how long are u going to be ‘ guys , surely there are other excersices/weights/cardio u can do while your waiting .
    skin tight lycra tops/shorts when they clearly dont have the body for it .
    The hottest guys in the gym are the guys who DONT know there hot , the guys constantly preeing themselves in the mirrors – that aint confidence guys thats arrogance.

  15. I despise being asked “can I cut in” or ” how many more sets do you have?”. It’s a huge f*ucking gym! Find something else to do for the 3 minutes I’m using the machine! I always manage! It totally throws off my concentration and makes me want to put sugar in your gas tank. Anyways… My gym has a dark cardio theater which is generally empty. I love it but about lose my mind when someone gets on the treadmill right next to me and starts running at a high level, one, because there are literally 30 other empty machines and two the point of the cardio theater is to watch AND listen to a movie while working out! Now I’m stuck listening to the person next to me, panting and slamming down on the treadmill. Another peeve i have is when the bro-dudes (aka douche f*cks) are using one machine, claiming another machine with a towel or some juiced up liquid filled water bottle, set of keys or cell phone and then stare you down as you approach any machine within their zone and then have the nerve to run over exasperated to let you know they’re using that one too… I figure it’s the same sort of person who tailgates while driving or would send a burger back to the kitchen if it came with lettuce and he didn’t want lettuce. But the mother effer of all gym peeves is usage of colognes and especially women’s perfumes!!! It should be a crime and punishable by dismissal from the gym.

    • def no colognes , i cant figure that one out , deo yes but smelling like a cologne department is not good

  16. 1) Machine Hog, Either they are sitting yacking to the person next to them for 20 minutes and not exercising at all, this usually happens on busy time when you can’t go to another exercise machine.
    2) Equipment Hog, one person will use 3 different items at once and will not let someone use them till he finishes for the day usually saying I’m still using that! even when he’s across the room
    3) Motor Mouth, Will not ever shut up when your working out
    4) Weight Slammers, will let the weights on machines slam on every pull, or in the case of the Barbell, dropping then on the floor like some Heavy Weight Olympic Lifter, this is not only very distracting but it is ruff on equipment which they don’t own
    5) Extreme Grunting, I think this is a calling out for, HEY LOOK AT ME! leave that at the Tennis Court
    6) A dirty Gym or equipment in bad repair, been there and left them, now I go to their competition down the street, Cleaner, Well Lit,New Equipment

  17. I agree with the one about sitting on equipment for ten minutes. There will be one open machine in the gym and someone will be staring into space, totally unaware that there’s a line of people waiting. It drives me crazy. Another one are the “groaners”… they’re barely lifting any weights at all, but are grunting and groaning as loud as possible so that everyone will think they’re training for the Olympics or something. Aanother big peeve is when there are several broken machines and the staff at the gym are totally unaware for weeks that they need to be repaired. They wait for the members to come to them rather than check out their own equipment on a daily basis. I’ve seen broken machines sit on the floor for over a month before management is even aware that they need to be repaired or replaced. Lastly, I think I know that woman in the purple shirt… she said the same thing to me!

  18. Thanks all you guys for reminding me of what I am not missing many years after deciding to work out at home. I was so sick of all the above (especially when the arrogant college jocks home for the summer swarm in). 20 years ago I bought a rack and filled it with free weights, an adjustable bench and a tall mirror. Later (with all the money I saved not paying for memberships) I added a half cage for the bench press, lat pull, etc. That’s all you need. Add a TV and an elliptical and you’ve got yourself a great little man cave. Weights do not wear out! Spend once and enjoy forever.

    Save time, gas, and in the end lots of money by working out at home. And you get to shower in your own bathroom! Your friends will want to come to work out with you too …

  19. Nick, great idea, but live in a one-bedroom apt… Really need to conserve what space I’ve got, don’t think I’d have room for a lot of equipment. Let’s face it, there are pet peeves waiting in line at the bank, driving, etc. Have been speaking up more to other customers as well as managers at the gym… they may not like it, but I’m seeing them make changes…