Video: How to Self-Massage.

I love treating my body to the occasional sports massage; not only is it a relaxing experience, but it comes with a number of great benefits including reduced joint and muscle tension, improved blood flood, increased flexibility and so on.

It’s a great gift for you body.

Unfortunately, massages aren’t cheap. But if you’re looking to enjoy all the benefits of massage without the hefty price tag, try using a foam roller as demonstrated in this video via my fitness YouTube channel.

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  1. Another good technique with the foam roller is to find a place where the soreness is acute and just hold on that spot for about a minute. It will hurt at first but you can begin to feel the tension ease up. Technical term sef-myofacial release or smr.

  2. Um….I kinda got turned on by this video….

    [blushes, giggles]

  3. christopher says:

    i most definately will look into this roller thingy-self message when i dont have my partner doing this-probably much more effective.

  4. I have to try a foam roller and those positions next time I get laid!

  5. Esteban Edwards says:

    Maybe I am missing something. Is that type of massage only good for legs, how does it massage/affect your back or upper body?

  6. Self “massage”, awesome!