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Giving Gifts to Your Body. | Davey Wavey Fitness

Giving Gifts to Your Body.

Go ahead, unwrap it.

I spent this past weekend adventuring my way through the always bustling—but especially bustling this time of year—New York City to see the sights and do some Christmas shopping.

As I was making my way through Columbus Circle, I realized that I had neglected to include a gift for someone (or perhaps something) very important: My body. With all the work our bodies do for us, they certainly deserve something special.

So while sitting in a crowded Starbucks wherein customers feuded over available seating, I located a few nearby spas. To my delight, one had a 30-minute slot of availability. I kissed the chaos goodbye, and took some much-needed quiet time to thank and celebrate my glorious body.

(By the way, my body isn’t glorious because of how it looks. My body is glorious because all bodies are glorious—it’s a birthright, regardless of our size or shape.)

I know my body appreciated the gift. For the rest of the afternoon, I was radiant. I chucked to myself when I saw a sign in a store window that read, “Glow home for the holidays.” The brief pause and reprieve helped me find my center in an otherwise whirlwind weekend; what a difference it made.

Today is Dec. 20—Christmas is only five days away. That’s five days to do something special for your body—and it need not cost money. A walk in the park, bubble bath or even a nutritious meal all count as gifts.

What are you getting your body for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I always start the 24th by going to the gym, getting a 45-60 minute workout and then relaxing for a while in the sauna and hot tubs. It’s the perfect start to a very busy day, delivering presents and going to three separate parties. It makes me a lot more centered and resistant to any stress that I might feel during the rest of the day.
    I’ve never before considered it to be an actual present to my body, but it is always very grateful to me afterwards.
    Happy holidays, everyone

  2. ok, could someone please get me this present up there in the picture!

    Haven´t thought about a gift for my body yet, but you mentioning twice and another website with the same advice made me think about it. I’ll probably do it now.

    • It doesn’t need to be something big – your body will appreciate even something small and thoughtful like enjoying a glass of ice water or a long, soaking bath.

  3. I’m doing a home spa day on the evening of the 24th to celebrate work being closed on the 25th…the only day of the year we are closed. I get a three day weekend thanks to Christmas happening on my *friday*.
    Relax, refresh, rest.

  4. Love how positive your blogs are! I might just take you up on that advice 🙂

  5. Thanks Davey, I think for christmas this year, I’m going to get my body something to make it stronger and faster. I just need to find some motivation. Thanks!

    • A.K.A. I’m going to start working out. I really need to drop weight anyway, I don’t want to get sick and I really want to find a boyfriend this year.

  6. Aww this is a picture of ETHAN REYNOLDS! I love mr Ethan, and his ex b/f is a hottie to 🙂

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face DW!