Best Time of Day to Exercise.

Dear Davey,

What time of the day is best for working out? Is it better to do it first thing in the morning, around lunch time or in the evening or night?


Dear John,

I get this question a lot. And it’s no wonder: The research on exercise time is divided and contradictory. Body performance (i.e., lung capacity, hormone levels, body rhythms, temperature, etc.) peaks around 6pm for most people. On the other hand, research on habits formation points to early morning workouts. It’s easier to create a routine and avoid distractions in the AM.

I like to take a different approach. In my opinion, the best time for you to exercise is when you have the most energy.

I’m a morning person. At 6AM, I’m ready to go. But by 6PM, I’m thinking about dinner and pajamas. In spite of whatever the research might say about body performance, I’d probably fall asleep on the treadmill.

Know yourself. Are you a morning person? A night owl? When do you feel like your energy levels peak? Whatever your answer is – that’s probably the best time for you to exercise. You’ll be able to give your routine a 100% commitment.

And really, when all is said and done, any time is a great time to hit the gym.

Davey Wavey

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  1. awww Love Davey, how awesome 😀

  2. Benjamin says:

    makes a lot of sense davey, i have the most energy about an hour after i’m up so that sounds like that would be the best time for me

  3. I too would prefer to work out during the morning, rather than the afternoon or evening. Working out gives you energy, you’re more aware, and it gets your heart pumping. I would think if one works out during the evening, it would be harder to go to sleep.

  4. Hi Davey, I’m a morning person too, so I like to work out before doing anything else. I have a question, though…Is it better to have breakfast before going to the gym or after? In case the answer is before: how long after finishing breakfast should I wait until start working out?.

  5. or when its not 35 degrees C outside . an i could melt into the pavement .. so that excludes from 8 am to 6 pm


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