Which Body Type Are You?

I’m not a big fan of labels. But labels can serve a practical purpose, especially when learning how to train and eat for your body type.

In general, there are three different body types. Most of us don’t fit into any of these categories perfectly. Instead, we might fall somewhere in between – and none of it is set in stone. However, you can use these general guidelines to eat and train for better results.


This is the skinny, twink-type guy. For some of these individuals, a supercharged metabolism means a very lean build. Of course, not all skinny people have fast metabolisms – and fast metabolisms aren’t exclusive to thin individuals. Also called “hard-gainers,” it takes a lot of energy, time, effort and calories for ectomorphs to gain muscle. These individuals are characterized by narrow skeletal structures, small shoulders and a flat chest.

When it comes to training, ectomorphs should use very heavy weights to increase their strength. Once a foundation is built, training for increased muscle size (called hypertrophy) is recommended with about 8 repetitions of each exercise. To build muscle, ectomorphs really need to push their bodies. Though it’s important for everyone to do cardio, short and less frequent cardio sessions are recommended for this group.

Because these individuals can have fast metabolisms or difficulty gaining weight, consuming an adequate calorie intake is important. It’s not an excuse to eat unhealthy food; instead, stick to complex carbs and proteins. Include large quantities of foods like peanut butter, chicken, fish, protein shakes, eggs, beans, fruits and vegetables.


Mesomorphs are the genetically gifted among us. It’s much easier for these individuals to build muscle. Their bodies are naturally strong, hard and athletic – and it’s the best body type for bodybuilding.

When it comes to training, typical power-lifting or bodybuilding workouts are effective at increasing size and strength. Cardio is more important for this group, and high intensity interval training should be mandatory.

In terms of diet, a well balanced and healthy diet is ideal. Because mesomorphs can gain fat much easier than ectomorphs, be mindful of calorie intake.


Endomorphs are larger boned individuals that are solid but softer. Don’t be fooled; endomorphs can be very strong, especially in their upper leg muscles. Though they have a hard time losing fat, endomorphs can trim down with an effective workout routine and diet.

Though strength training is important for endomorphs (as it has some great metabolic benefits), cardio takes center stage. High intensity interval training is great, as is sprinting, kickboxing, stair climbing, jumping rope and other heart-pumping activities. It’s very important to get moving!

When it comes to diet, a calorie deficit will be required to lose excess fat. An emphasis on eating healthy and lean foods, complex carbs, protein and high fibers foods is necessary. Since high fiber foods are filling and curb hunger, they’re a great choice. Be especially mindful of portion sizes.


Your body type isn’t a life sentence. In fact, identifying your body type can help you develop an effective diet and exercise strategy that changes the way your body looks, feels and functions. It’s yet another variable to consider when putting together a plan that works for you.

Of the three body types, which are you? Or are you a combination of two? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I’m 80% mesomorph and 20% endomorph.

    • Shawn FANG says:

      Man, i don’t know what body type am I! I guess I am the average kinda guy with a small little tummy? :O what am i, davey?

  2. Eduardo says:

    I’m probably Ectomorph! well not probably, I am! hahaha but working out trying to look like a mesomorph! and yeah! it is hard! but worth it! lol

  3. Michael Oliver says:

    I would love to lose all of my weight. I work out everyday but not losing anything.. I’m 5 11 about 262 and i wanna be about 200lbs can you help with me this.. email tip and ideas

  4. I’m pretty much an endomorph — but up until adolescence I was an ectomorph. Anyone else have that kind of history?

    • I’m just the same. I wore “slim” trousers until I was eleven. Then I got fat and acne reared its ugly head. (The “fun” hormones didn’t kick in until I turned thirteen).

  5. Ectomorph lol, would love you to train me Davey πŸ˜› but you’re a bit far πŸ™

  6. Charles says:

    I feel like “body type” is much more complex than this Dave… just goes to show that you generally have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Christopher says:

      “In general, there are three different body types. Most of us don’t fit into any of these categories perfectly. Instead, we might fall somewhere in between – and none of it is set in stone. However, you can use these general guidelines to eat and train for better results.”

    • Owned.

    • “another variable to consider”

  7. Well… I wish I was 100% meomorph, but sadly I’m 70% endomorph and 30% mesomorph… What should I do??? Is it good a hyperprotein diet to increase muscles? Or better a standard diet with some vitamines pills? Obviously… a lot of excercizes… Bodybuilding or general activity???

  8. 90% Ectomorph and 10% Mesomorph, am trying to get to the full Mesomorph but its taking a good long time for me to accomplish this but I’m getting there

    • Mike Gi says:

      skinny types, should drink Kefir – smoothie drink at grocery store, it maximizes digestion to get more from your foods, google it, it’s amazing for health !!

  9. Brandon says:

    This is interesting. I’ve had an extomorphic body type until I was 30 after which I gained considerable weight and became endomorphic; I went from 121 lbs. to 160. Even though I continued to walk and run a mile every other day my metabolism had slowed down; I also had a mild stroke at 32 that forced me to change my diet. I am now down to a manageable 140 lbs.
    Since I started as an ectomorph should I still consider myself this? If so, what forms of exercise would benefit someone like myself physically?

  10. I am an endomorph. I try to stay active. Eat right. Cardio at least 4 times a week. Yet I never lose or gain any wait. Ok… Don’t eat great all the time but I’m trying.

  11. emmabee says:

    I’m probably Endomorph, it matches it as my legs are strong especially the tops, i get some serious muscle there when i workout especially my calfs too but i have fell off it because in order to even lose anyhting i have to eat hardly anything and i’m not willing to starve myself to do it, like for serious i can’t even eat a bowl of cerial and it’s still too much to lose meh lol.

  12. ECTOMORPH all the way πŸ™ trying to put on some mass so i don’t look like a walking skeleton but nothing is working XD and i know people say its just a matter of wights and diet but im to young for wights and have been on weight gain diets since i was 6, rather think im just going to be happy with what i have πŸ˜€

  13. Luca Dofus says:

    Charles, maybe sometimes it isn’t. I’m a perfect ectomorph, and scared s**t of the day my metabolism will change (’cause now I’m used to eat so much and have to it even more if I want to gain weight).

  14. Ack. I hate to be the Debbie Downer here, but the “science” behind these three body types, known as Somatotypes, has been discredited for a few decades.


    There is no empirically observable basis for these classifications, and thus no correlation with “metabolism”.

    • What has been discredited is Herbert Sheldon’s association of different body types with human temperament types. Here, we’re just talking about the best way to build a workout and nutrition plan based on your build. And yes, of course body type isn’t always an indicator of metabolism (and some heavy people have very fast metabolisms), but we’re just looking at some general guidelines.

      • Hmm, yes. That is a good point, Mr. Wavey. :-p

        Is it then accurate to make a correlation between somatotype and metabolism, and did Sheldon or anyone else show that that correlation exists?

  15. Ectomorph, and actually pretty healthy, use to feel out of place for having such a slight and lean frame, but am now training for a ballet career, where bulk just doesnt fly, so I’ve embraced my ectomorph frame for sure.

  16. wow!! Thank you for giving me a new word to describe myself: 100% ectomorph……. and proud πŸ˜‰

  17. 80% Ecto, 20% Endo.

  18. I find the simple 3 body types as way too limiting, as most people are a combination of several types. I like this chart of body types better:


  19. Michael says:

    Ectomorph πŸ™ I love being a twink and all but i’d rather be a Mesomorph

  20. I think I’m mostly mesomorph..

  21. I’m probably somewhere in between ecto and meso. I gain and hold onto muscle well, and have broad shoulders, but I have a naturally fast metabolism, thin legs, and a flat stomach.

    I’m fine with it. I really just want my abs more defined. xD

  22. i can never define my body this way. i went from being huge all over, to being average everywhere but my chest which is exactly the same size. THE LEVEL OF HATE FOR MY CHEST ALMOST TOXIC.

    • Eh. There are some people who wouldn’t want my bodytype (I lean heavily towards ecto), but I’m happy with it.

  23. I am an Endomorph. I am FAT. It is so true what you said Davey about the loosing weight part, I have been struggling with my weight for years. I would love to have half of what you have for a body

  24. I think i’m ectomorph, but bone structure is more mesomorph (i have quite broad shoulders). I’m trying to eat more to gain more mass, cause i’m still thin.

  25. Why do all the cartoon body type guys have vagina creases in their underwear? I just want to know what diet and exercises to do to avoid that.

  26. Most likely 100% Endomorph. And the given explanation fits pretty good. My legs are very strong and pretty musclular especially when compared to the rest. And the rest of the explanation seems to be applicable to me XD.

  27. Dave from Boston says:

    I am 60% Mesomorph and 40% Endomorph

  28. It appears that I am an ectomorphic body type. Weight loss is slow and inconsistent for me. I hate looking in the mirror because of the person that looks back. I don’t feel overweight, but I know I am. I’ll take your advice, and hope for the best.

  29. Also labeling the ectomorph as “twink” is a bit much; that’s like saying any guy with body hair must be a “bear” when it’s simply not always the case; it just furhters the sterotype that if a gay male is slim/skinny then he must be a “twink”.

  30. Christopher says:

    Davey, How did you calculate what percentage of each Somatotype? Is it actual maths or simple guessing?

    Personally, I’d say I’m an even mix of ectomorph and mesomorph, leaning more towards the former than the latter. My leg muscles are pretty damn solid, however, my upper body has difficulty gaining muscle and losing fat.

  31. sebastian says:

    i have a combination of mesomorph and endomorph i have 23 years old but the las time when check my weight it was 205 pounds and 5.83 ft…… and i need to reduce my fat from my stomach… my prblem is i donΒ΄t have the enough time to go to the gym…. can you help me or recommend me something to do??? i will appreciate a lot
    thank you!!!!!

    i’m from Chile

  32. I am most definitely 250% ectomorph!

  33. I definitely have ectomorph body! I have very fast metabolism. It takes a long time for me to build any type of strength, and if I don’t train I lose muscles quite fast.

    With walking a lot at work and training in the evenings I have to eat something every 2-3 hours so that I can function and not drop in weight.

  34. Does this same advice work for females?

  35. Definitely 100% ectomorph. I am 35, sit behind a computer all day and do no exercise whatsoever.

    I eat breakfast, lunch and supper almost every day (above-average portion sizes) yet, for someone 1.89m tall, I hover between 64kg and 68kg, giving me a BMI between 17.9 and 19.0 (ie underweight).

    I’ve always been like this. Doing exercise makes me lose weight so quickly, it’s scary, so I don’t do any.

  36. Alex - Portugal says:

    hey Davie
    i’m a combination of ecto and meso
    what exercice routine should aaply to me?

  37. Zachary says:

    I would say that I am 70% Ectomorph and 30% Mesomorph. I play soccer so I have pretty strong legs and I try to lift weights; which recently I have started to do. I don’t want to be really buff. But I do want to be buff enough for it to be noticed. If anyone has any advice for working out and eating, I will gladly accept them. Thanks!

  38. Thanks for posting this.
    I’m what you have defined as an ectomorph build and I hate going to the gym. I’m 21 from Australia and I have a gym membership but I dont go because I don’t feel confident enough… let alone know how to do all the workouts. I had a personal trainer which was super expensive so I quit and can’t seem to motivate myself to stick to a routine.
    Ive tried to find a gym buddy but I dont have any friends interested.
    Just wanted to say I envy your body type and wish I could achieve some results to boost my selfesteem.

  39. Yes! Finally someone writes about pussy pump.