You Can’t Buy a New Body When This One Craps Out.

When you’ve worn holes in your sneakers, you can get a new pair. When your jeans no longer fit, you can buy some new ones. If you misplace a hat, you can replace it. But when it comes to your body, things aren’t so disposable.

I honor my body outwardly through actions and exercise because I only have one body, and because it’s the vehicle through which I experience this amazing world and all of its lessons.

But equally important is honoring my body inwardly through affirming words and thoughts. After all, our words and thoughts are the foundations for our actions; we act on the beliefs we cultivate. If we affirm and uplift our bodies through thought, then perhaps we’ll be less likely to misuse or abuse it through unhealthy actions – like avoiding the gym or feeding it with foods that aren’t nourishing… like the Snickers flavored cake sitting on my counter.

So, in the comments below, I encourage you – as difficult as it might be – to write a sentence or two to honor your body. I’ll go first…

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  1. Dear Body… I am sorry for the many times that I have judged you as “too” this, or “not enough” that. You are magnificent – and today, I express my gratitude and love for you – exactly as you are. Thank you.

  2. Clinton Corphish says:

    Dear Body, i am sorry that i wanted a different body and compared you to others. Thankyou for never leaving my side, when i left you. i promise i’ll never leave again. Your favourite fan, Clinton Corphish

  3. Dear body,
    Sorry for all the years of thinking more about my apetite than in you.

  4. Dear Body, I am sorry for laying you out in the sun for too long, exposing you to un-healthy elements. I’m sorry for not showing you enough respect, and letting others take advantage of you. Thanks for never breaking down own me when we’d run for miles, I love you and I’ll do my absolute BEST to never put you in harms way! =]

  5. Dear Body, I am sorry for running you into the ground in an attempt to make you fit the definition of ‘beauty’ that I sometimes mistakenely grasp onto, and for constantly bombarding you with poor nutrition and ‘dirty fuel’.

  6. Dear Body,

    I am grateful for all the years of health you have given me.

  7. Charles G. says:

    Dear Body,

    I am sorry for ever putting you in harms way. From this point on, I will respect and listen to what you have to tell me. Thank you for this fantastic journey so far.

  8. Dear Body,

    I hate you and I want you to die. You are a ridiculously inaccurate representation of my inner self and despite having the ability to generate new cells and new organs over years, you find it in your convoluted DNA sequences to age with the utmost ferocity. You are a sad excuse for a human body which NO ONE ever finds attractive or ever has and because of your genetic incompetence, I have yet to experience anything worth noting in my nineteen years on this god forsaken rock you call a planet. Thank you, body, for all the weekends/holidays spent alone, for all the times I spent in agony because you felt the need to use little to none of your immune system, for all the sex I didn’t have, for all the times I didn’t go swimming because you are hideously grotesque, and for all the times you made me realize that I was clearly not like anyone else. Thank you again for being such a fuck up that when I clearly did not have any intention to do something, your mediocre health robbed me of any excuse to refuse labor while still denying me the adequate energy and physical comfort to complete whatever menial task the universe deemed degrading enough for me. You have taught me the ways of patience and strength for no other could have tolerated such a mockery of human physiology. When I was sick, you made me not die so I would have to tolerate more of you. When I was in love, you made it possible for me to not connect with anyone. When I was alone, you made me feel like I deserved it. When I was having sex, you made me die inside. Thank you. Your services are no longer needed.

  9. Dear Body,
    I’m sorry for not always treating you right, making promises that I don’t always keep and not always eating healthy. You are Wonderful – and today I thank you and express my gratitude, and love you just the way you are. Thank You.

  10. Dear Body, You and I have been around the block a few times these last 60 plus years and I want to thank you today for always being there for me….I know I have sometimes been abusive, which is really not my style. As I have gotten older I have learned more appropriate ways to nourish you and to listen to what you are telling me. I hope that we have many more years to hang out together….I will cut this short now so I can get my ass and other parts to the gym.

  11. Dear Body,
    I am so sorry for abusing you and putting synthetic substances in you to make you into something we’re not. Thanks for making me, me.

  12. Dear body,
    im sorry for purging/starving you of food for the past 3 years. you’re beautiful, thank you for not giving out on me yet <3

    ~Love john

  13. Dear body,I’m sorry for the abuse I have given you in the past.I promise to make it up to you! As of 5 PM today things have changed in a very positive way.

  14. Thomas Jaime says:

    Dear Body,
    I am sorry for the fact that I felt like u have made me insecure even though I believe you are truly sexy in many ways. Thank you for always being there “hard” times and “good” times. And in conclusion….. I love you (143 <3)

  15. Alexander says:

    I’m sorry body for being to lazy to take care of you. Now you’re suffering because of me. We may still be in our teenage year and still developing, but I’m still capable of taking care of you better. I promise that I’m taking action to help you and myself out. You’re beautiful. Unfortunately, I don’t have the confidence to show you to the world.

  16. Dear body,
    I’m sorry for feeling so ashamed of you for so long and hiding you from myself and the world. I’m sorry for ignoring your needs. I promise that I will eat better, exercise more, and be proud to have you.

  17. Dear. Body I’m sorry for not listening to you when you tell me your tired and for not loving you and just all ways picking at the bad point I love you realy and your amazing parts that all work together to keep me alive and healthy thankyou body And thankyou to davey for giving me the confidence to be proud of my body

  18. Dear Body,

    I know that we have not always seen eye to eye (if you will allow me the pun) and I promise to make a change. Today as I lay here in bed when I should be letting you rest I have decided to change my ways. I will treat you like the temple that you are. Yes. You are my temple, you are the vessel that allows me to feign existence and experience this world. Without you I would be nothing. I promise to give you what you have been telling me to give you. I have been sick for too long. It is time to be healthy now! Time to eat right. Time to exercise more! Time to turn you into the image that I have in my mind of how I look. I look into the mirror now and I do not see me. I see something that I should never have turned into. Well NO LONGER! Time to take back what is mine. The one thing that can’t be taken away! Time to make my body the true reflection of the beautiful person that is within! I AM BEAUTIFUL! and NO ONE can tell me otherwise!

  19. I love my body flaws and all.

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  21. Matt Barretta says:

    Dear Body,

    We have been through a lot together. Seeing our parent’s divorce, re-marry and divorce again. We have experienced the emotional ups and downs of loosing family and loved ones to suicide, poor health, old age, and recklessness. We went through 8 years of service with the Army, and afterward, I abused you again by getting lazy and not taking you out to keep you in shape. For this, I am sorry. Change isn’t easy and it won’t happen overnight, but I will make you a promise today. All the bullshit will be left behind. You will come first because you are the only body I get. We will start working out together again. We will get back into shape (and a healthy one, not this blob that you are now). I will only give you healthy fuels, not this processed stuff that we can get our hands on so easily. I will drink more water and one day (hopefully soon) we will finally look into the mirror and see the same image.

    I love you!
    Let’s do this!

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