Best Cardio Exercises for Losing Weight.

When it comes to releasing weight, not all cardio exercises are created equal.

First, it’s important to understand how weight is released from the body. Weight release happens only when there is a calorie deficit; that is, more calories are used by the body than are taken in through food consumption.

The following exercises burn a tremendous amount of calories, and thus, are more helpful in creating the necessary calorie deficit that results in weight release:

  • Step Aerobics. Real men (and women) aren’t afraid of step classes. In a heart-pumping half hour, you can burn 400 calories.
  • Swimming. This is my favorite cardio exercise – I’ve recently incorporated it into my weekly routine. It’s low-impact on joints and high-impact on calories. If you have joint or knee trouble, this may be the route for you. You can burn 400 calories in a half hour doing the breast stroke.
  • Bicycling. Depending on the intensity and the course, you can burn 250 – 500 calories in 30 minutes. That’s not bad for an exercise that you can perform while sitting on you butt.
  • Running. Though higher-impact and certainly not for the faint of heart, running literally incinerates calories. In 30 minutes, I can burn through a whopping 600 calories.
  • Walking. Running isn’t for everyone. If you enjoy moving at a slower pace, walking may be a better fit. A 145-lb person typically uses 180 calories in 30-minutes of walking. Walk a hilly course for an extra challenge.
  • Jumping rope, sprinting and spinning oh my! These exercises are super high intensity. Try jumping rope for 15 or 20 minutes and you’ll torch nearly 200 calories.

Of course, the truly best cardio exercise for losing weight is the cardio exercise that you’ll perform regularly. Find something that you love – or at least like – and commit to doing it regularly. Know that it takes time, and be willing to put in the energy to achieve your weight release goals.

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  1. Davey! I just got the email today about the unveiling of your blog, but it looks like you’ve been going for a while now! haha.

    I did have your fitness programs and loved them until my computer crashed and deleted everything including your programs (laaaaame)!

    Anyway, I love this post! It’s good to see how much work has to be done to work of so many calories! It really puts what food we eat into perspective! 30 minutes of bike riding to work of breakfast? WOW! haha.

    Thanks for such a great blog mate!

  2. I’ve been following you’re personal blog for a while, and now that you’ve opened up this blog I feel more inclined to keep up with my work-out routine.


  3. TerrapinTexan says:

    Hey Davey,

    I love all your blogs. Running is my favorite cardio exercise. I was just wondering about your 600-calories-per-half-hour calculation. How fast are you talking about? On a treadmill, for instance, what level would I have to run at to burn calories at that rate?

  4. Thanks Davey! I didn’t know those long walks I enjoy burned that much in calories.

  5. Paulo Venturelli says:

    Great comparisons, one thing though… isn’t breast stroke real bad for the knees if you have injuries?

  6. CanadianGuy says:

    Where does the eliptical machine fit in? Is it a good cardio exercise for burning calories? Personally I love the treadmill, but have been told the eliptical is much better for weight release. I don’t mind the eliptical, but if it’s no better than the treadmill, then I’d go back to that.

  7. i want to lose weight, but the only cardio i actually enjoy is walking. is this effective enough for weight loss?

    • When combined with a healthy diet, you will lose plenty of weight with walking as your source of exercise. You will just have to walk for a longer period of time than you would doing other exercises to burn the amount of calories you desire.

  8. Hey I love this blog its really useful and nice work is done. Cardio exercises are good and fast weight losing.

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