F*ck Your Way into Shape?

With my boyfriend in town, I got to thinking about the cardiovascular benefits of sex. It certainly gets the heart pumping, the blood flowing and the sweat dripping. So, it’s got to be a good workout, right?

Sorta. It’s certainly better than watching TV and eating Cheetos.

An hour of intercourse burns somewhere between 300 – 400 calories for the typical participants, depending on weight and intensity. At 160 lbs, I could expect to burn at least 307 calories in an hour of f*cking.

But what about foreplay? In terms of calorie consumption, I’d burn 106 calories in 60 minutes. Not so great.

So how does intercourse rate against other cardiovascular exercises? At 160 lbs, here’s how sex stacks up for me:

  • Sex – foreplay 106
  • Raking lawn 288
  • Sex – intercourse 307
  • Walking 4 mph 374
  • Swimming – moderate 442
  • Aerobics – high impact 509
  • Rowing machine – moderate 509
  • Bicycling / cycling 12-14 mph 634
  • Swimming – vigorous 710
  • Running 6 mph 730
  • Basketball full court 797
  • Running 7 mph 835
  • Running 8 mph 979

I’d put sex into the “kinda” workout category. It’s good for your heart, but not reason enough to skip the treadmill.

Bottom line: You’re probably not going to f*ck you way to a six pack.

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  1. “Bottom line: You’re probably not going to f*ck you way to a six pack.”

    But having a six pack might help lead to more f*cking LOL.

  2. I’m pretty sure duration is a variable.

  3. Dosnt stop you trying though ….ow well worth the extra effort now , just to make it more of a workout

  4. Shouldn’t sex have subcategories of moderate, high impact, and vigorous too?

  5. it all depends on the top and bottom, if its an aggressive top or even an aggressive bottom it will vary. But if you have a bottom that is lazy and just wants to lay there will you know who is going to lose more. Yes No?

  6. Guys,

    Either way the sex will not rate up there with other vigorous activities that can be done. Of course it probably is a more enjoyable form of exercising, however swimming would in all reality burn more calories.

    Wouldn’t matter if you were the most aggressive thing out there 🙂 You’ll not have the intensity to truly constitute a great workout!

    But you can have fun burning those extra calories after you have done a major workout in the gym! Why not give that added little boost.

  7. Xavier Johnson says:

    how about masturbation?

  8. u r fucking mono >>> fuck fog

    fucking topic >> disgusting

  9. i am more on 3some sex more extra plays the more fats that burns……..

  10. I was also thinking if you swallowed the cum at the end would that make all that sex calorically insignificant??? Answer: no

    According to the Re/Search Guide to Bodily Fluids (Paul Spinard, 1994), the average man produces about 3.5 mL of semen per ejaculation whose nutritional value is:
    less than 1 calorie
    150 mg. protien
    11 mg. carbohydrates
    6 mg. fat.
    3 mg. cholesterol
    7% US RDA potassium
    3% US RDA copper
    3% US RDA zinc
    300 million spermatoza
    (Someday men will have to have all this tattooed to the side of their hip, like a can of Coke or a box of Wheaties.)

    It looks healthy enough per serving size, but when compared to breast milk (which has about 170 calories per cup), semen has about 40% more calories (about 230 calories per cup). High levels of fructose (fruit sugar!) is normal in the semen and this sugar comes almost entirely from the seminal vesicles.

    Read more: http://www.tfproject.org/tfp/tilted-sexuality/50902-calorie-content-semen.html#ixzz18BONlqVb

  11. Unless you come up with a position which would be good for your abs, right? lol

  12. But it makes me so hungry afterward!

  13. I think DaveyWavey’s right!