Weight Loss Can Cause Relationship Tension!

two men exerciseLosing weight has a number of important benefits. Many of those benefits improve your physical and emotional health. But losing weight can also have an impact on your romantic relationships – and not always for the better.

A paper from researchers at North Carolina State University examines the effects of weight loss on relationships. For the study, 21 couples in which one partner had lost at least 30 pounds were surveyed.

According the researchers, the impact of weight loss was often a positive one. In such instances, the partner who lost weight was able to talk about his or her changes – and, in doing so, inspire his or her partner to adopt a healthier lifestyle. These couples were able to bond over lifestyle changes and enjoyed improved physical and emotional intimacy.

But this wasn’t always the case.

For other couples, the impact of weight loss was negative. In some cases, the individual who lost weight nagged his or her partner to lose weight. This nagging led to added relationship tension. Moreover, some individuals reported feeling threatened or insecure because of their partners’ weight loss. These individuals tended to make critical comments, be less interested in intimacy and even tried to sabotage the success of their partners.

For better or worse, losing weight does affect relationship dynamics. But rather than dissuade someone from losing weight, researchers suggest:

[This study] should encourage people to be aware of the potential pros and cons of weight loss on their relationship. It is really important for the partner of someone trying to lose weight to be supportive of their significant other without feeling threatened by their health changes. This approach will help people lose weight without jeopardizing the quality of their relationship.

In other words, communication is hugely important. This is true of all relationships at all times, but especially true when experiencing or undertaking a life change like weight loss.

Have you ever lost weight in a relationship? How did it change your relationship?

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  1. Picture doesn’t seem to match the article, skinny one is looking with envy at the guy with the guns.

  2. Davey HELP?????????
    All the cards on the table. I am 49 , 6ft 295 lbs with a 44 inch waist.
    Health issues I have low testosterone and high triglycerides.

    I have cleaned my diet up immensely over the last 4 months
    bad/white carbs gone, sugar gone, all sodas and pre packaged juices gone
    even from your suggestion got ride of skim milk and went to almond
    eating smaller meals throughout the day
    I play 2 hours of tennis twice a week
    I play softball 2-games once a week
    I take a 30-60 minute bike ride 2-3 times a week

    and the weight is just not coming off. I’ve lost 13 lbs total and I am assuming most of that is water weight. I am getting to the point again where I get frustrated and give up. I know genetics play a large role as my brother is 3 years younger , eats whatever he wants and has like 10 percent body fat . life is not fair.

    I don’t have unrealistic goals.. for my height/build/bone structure 200 lbs is where I want to be. a 34 waist would be ideal. so I could at least buy cute underwear again
    in the last 15 years I have gained 5-7 lbs per year. I want it gone… any suggestions I would more than appreciate.

    FYI- stop being so damned sexy.. its torture 🙂

    • What do your small meals consist of? How much sleep do you get?

    • Has your doctor prescribed testosterone shots/cream/patch ? I was diagnosed with low testosterone and have recently begun injections (doctor monitored) to correct the shortfall. This has tremendously improved my fat burning ability.

      • Yes I just started on the gel. Not sure how long it will take for it to improve the fat burning

  3. A blog post referencing a paper done at my school. ^_^

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  5. Shouldn’t we cheer our partners up, support them? Weight-loss or body transformation, as I like to call it, is difficult for most of us. I learned that I am more happy when I exercise more and feel the success, that always leads to better communication with others. But its that first step of changing your mindset, where a couple should start – I think. Once everyone involved is committed and happy to reach a set goal, there should be little negativity (even subconscious) left.