Davey Wavey Spills the Beans: Chest Workout Secrets. [Video]

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Davey Wavey is a certified personal trainer and YouTube sensation with more than 250 million video views. For Davey's fitness tips and secrets, sign up for his free monthly newsletter - or download any of his affordable and effective workout programs.


  1. AWESOME. Thanks for this post and the great tips. LOVE the blog. Very informative and useful.

  2. Always great to see you on video (; so you discribed what you do, but why didn’t you just show some moves? I’ll see if I can get a gym membership, but I have no clue what those machines were which you discribed. Also I don’t know of they’re called thesame in the Netherlands.

    As always a very inspiring and motivating video to get myself in shape.

    Love, Steven

  3. You’re great. Thanks for all the postings. Keep on Beautiful Man.

  4. jonathan L says:

    dear davey wavey – congratulations on the new blog!!! this is so NOT what i thought your countdown-news was going to be! but congrats, you’ll do a lot of good here – like you do everywhere you travel. (oh, and love your wifebeater-tan!) love, jonathan L

  5. Very informative, Davey. Thanks for the share.

  6. AXOLOTL15 says:

    Great video Davey, I’ll be sure to try some of those exercises out. I feel like I’ve reached a plateau and I’m looking to switch up my exercise program a bit.

    BTW how tall are you and how much do you weigh? I need to set a weight goal for myself. I’m 5’10” and I weigh 160 lbs (with a 30” waist). Should I shoot for 175 lbs? Or is that too much? I don’t want to look like a hulking ogre, but I want a nice athletic and toned body like yours.

  7. Hey Davey!

    Just wanted to say thanks! For all you do! Its amazing that an individual really cares about his blog buddies! Im new to the Davey Wavey world and I have to say you are a beacon of hope! Keep spreading the love, tips and sunshine where ever you go! And I am Really excited about your fitness blogs. I love fitness. Fitness has become my passion in life… to teach others the joys and benefits of taking care of our bodies! Hats off to you ” Sir Davey!”

  8. Hey Davey, Love the tips….can you tell me what is the difference in doing a diamond push up opposed to a normal push up.

  9. Hey Davey!

    You will be the reason I don’t gain my freshman 15 ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you! Can’t wait to put on some shorts and try these exercises.

  10. Heath Martin says:

    Hey Davey,

    I recently had chest Surgery ( I’m Trans, FTM) and I have gotten the clearing from my doctor to work my chest, just at a low rate.

    And in light of better self acceptance and wanting to form the upper body I have always wanted, I tried to do some push ups which were fine but as soon as I added weight to do chest flies it wasn’t the most comfortable, since I only own a set of 15lbs dumbbells.

    Would using like two milk jugs filled with water, or even books do? Will I still be building muscle and getting a “workout”?

    Thanks Man.

    Heath A. Martin