Great Leg & Oblique Exercise: Golf Squats! [Video]

Variety isn’t just the spice of life – it’s a powerful ingredient in any fruitful workout program. From time to time, it’s a good idea to change things up.

Golf squats are a powerful leg and oblique exercise that you’ve probably never heard of or seen at the gym. Which means it’s a good idea to try ’em out and consider incorporating them into your routine.

I put together a short video demonstration. Click below to check it out:

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  1. Damn! I need more space for that! *movesHisDeskAndWardrobeToMakeRoom*

  2. With those shorts this is like watching porn!

    • I dare say those shorts are probably Mesh Soccer Short from N2N Bodywear. I have several. They offer fantastic freedom of movement, esp for one’s balls. I wear them for yoga…..much better than Underwear (Yoga) ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I can see that weight slipping out of my hands on the upswing as it fyies across the room and through the double stacked living room window. lol

  4. Nice definition on those obliques!

  5. Love that dangling string down your right leg…ok, yeah, so maybe I wasn’t focusing on what I was supposed to be…

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  7. Yessenia Rusnak says:

    I’m impressed, Brilliant stuff!