INSANE Abs in 5 Minutes! [video]

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  1. Hey! you skipped two left-leg lift-ups! lol

  2. Davey, you are a slave driver. That was intense.

  3. Wow Intense, Just what we need!!

  4. Good god Davey! Intense.

  5. blackphoenix says:

    way good davey!!!
    keep it up! nice website cool!

  6. WOW Now that is what I call an Insane Ab Conditioner very well executed! I managed to keep up but it really kicked my @ss!!!!! Very nice!

  7. wow that was difficult, but i definitely felt it.

    so i have pretty strong abs, but they’re not easily seen. what exactly would help get rid of the over layer of fat? just running or swimming?

    • I run a lot, almost every second day for the past 2 years. It helps, but not as much as I would like. So, I’ve decided that I’ll try swimming this winter and see if that’s better…
      Anyway, I’ve been told, that you should eat turkey meat and rice. That should help you burn some fat around your stomach. But I don’t know if that’s true. I’ve haven’t try it yet.

  8. I got stomach craps just watching him…lol

  9. thanks! i like trying different ab workouts.

  10. Wooow! i founded an 8min one! but ill totally droped it out when i found yours, is a really really nice routine, specialy for those who dont have much time to work out.
    (btw u have amazing blogs, peace!)

  11. MY LORD, if HE is out of breath… then I will surely need a paramedic.

  12. It would be great if these videos were downloadable to iPhone and other smartphones. I don’t normally workout in my office where my computer is.

  13. Davey , i just tried this yesterday (well , what i could do , hahaa) and today , my abs are sooo sore ! is this healthy ? or normal ? a good thing , or bad ?

  14. What impresses me is how your voice stayed completely steady before, during and after! The only difference was a few audible breaths. Do you have to practise that? 🙂

  15. i am more convinced now than ever before, i think im gonna go for the lipo instead 😀

  16. My abs hurt just by watching this. I’m gonna try this. 🙂 Thanks!

  17. Intense! I gotta do this more often so I can get those double-crunches! Awesome! Thanks for sharing, Davey!

  18. Very difficcult to get started Davey wow

  19. Where do you get your workout shorts and the spandex underneath? They look comfortable!


  21. davey you’re killing me! >.<
    I love it 😀

  22. My abs hate you right now…

  23. Excuse my language but… Holly shit! if i tried this it would kick my ass i can see it now, damn it Davey you can stand so much i wish i was you, my stomach hurts just from doing 40 normal sit-ups in 10’s and 40 low stomach excersises in 10’s, hate to think how hard this will be for me but too hard i think i was just like :O O_o through the whole thing haha.

  24. zach tippett says:

    omg ur ab workout is beast im 12 and i have a sixpack now!!! (:

  25. I need help Davey I have lots if money call me or email me please I will pay you for helping me have a six pack or ring or text me 07922206060


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