Tighter Tummy: Figure 8 Ab Exercise Video

I always love trying new ab exercises. Doing the same old stuff over and over again leaves me craving a little spice and excitement. Moreover, our muscles can become accustomed to our routine – so it’s wise to switch things up from time to time. So, I was really excited to try the “figure 8” ab exercise (it targets the obliques) at the gym this morning. When I tried the exercise, I used a weighted medicine ball. But fear not, you can try this at home using a pillow as a simple alternative.

Use the video below to learn how to do the simple but mighty “figure 8” ab exercise:

Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below. Did you feel it?

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  1. Im going to try that out one of these nights when im bored. thanks Davey

  2. I could see how using the medicine ball instead of a pillow would be much more challenging. Great advice about switching up exercises!


  3. i put the mute on and watched the video just so i could see u do that lol. but its cool. im listening to bjork – hunter.

  4. wow, simple yet effective and i’ve been looking for a nice tummy exercise for awhile. thanks a ton for your 1:08 share.

  5. i just gave that i go, and i could feel the tension start to build up in the upper thigh area as well as my obliques

  6. im trying to get my body into the shape i would like, and this is just the kind of quick and simple exercise ive been looking for! i tried it right along with you and i began to feel it within minutes. youre so awesome davey wavey! thanks so much for sharing your inspirations and motivations with us everyday. youre the best!! and it certainly doesnt hurt that youre in your undies.. hehehe ^_^