The Gym Is My Church.

Frenzy__Bodyscape_by_FrenzyModelWhen I was young, my mother would drag my family to mass each Sunday.

For a grueling 45 minutes, I’d fidget in my cold, aluminum chair listening to outdated Bible passages and sermons about the perils of birth control and homosexuality. More than anything, I remember the smell. The stale perfume of musty holy water and frankincense, it hung thick in the air like suffocating cobwebs.

Needless to say, the experience never resonated with me - and it certainly didn’t bring me closer to God, the universe or anything resembling truth.

In more recent years, I’ve found something that has. While it may sound ridiculous to some, the gym is my new church - and, for me, it’s a million times more effective. As Marquis De Sade once said, “Your body is the church where nature asks to be revered.”

As I’ve said before, our body is the vehicle through which we experience life. By keeping that vehicle in good condition, you’re honoring life and expressing gratitude. The act of sweating, running and lifting is prayer in motion - and, in this case, actions may speak even louder than words.

You don’t need a building of wood or stone in which to worship. Instead, you need only go outside your front door and take a run through nature. Through breath, you connect to your surroundings - and feel a sense of overwhelming and pervasive oneness.

When I run or lift weights, I find myself hypnotized by the rhythm of the movements. A set of repetitions - be it squats, crunches or bicep curls - turns my attention inward. Each exercise becomes a meditation that quiets my mind and centers my being.

This isn’t to say that church doesn’t work; it just hasn’t for me. Exercise, on the other hand, is truly sacred.

Is exercise sacred for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Amen!!

  2. Wow I can completely agree with you. With my injuries I have had a hard time building muscle and sometimes loose motivation. I get the motivation from you when you are just so serene on your videos. Even though you aren’t able to physically be there to motivate me I feel that you are. You are My Pastor leading me through the repetitions of life. Keep up the good work as always and thank you.

  3. Davey, I completely relate to this. The gym is my home, and I guess you could say it’s my church. I’ve found happiness, peace, positive support, friendship, teamwork, self-confidence, love for myself, and accomplishment there. I’m good at it. I KNOW I’m good at it. I see results. Others see results in me. I am a better person and a better man because of it.

    I’m in my 50s and will be doing my first physique contest in a few months after seriously lifting for only a year, although I’ve been working out since my late 20s. I WILL do this. I WILL WIN THIS. I will prove to myself and everyone that didn’t think I was capable that I have what it takes to be a winner.

    The gym has truly transformed my life like nothing else. Is it work? Yes! Is it tough? Yes! But it is by far the most rewarding journey I’ve ever been on. I wouldn’t trade the past year for anything in the world.

    My wish is that everyone can have what I’ve learned in this past year. It is truly a liberating and freeing experience when you look in the mirror and love and respect the person looking back. When your Doctor tells you you look like someone in their 20s. When people tell you to put a shirt on because you’re making everyone else look bad.

    I am PROUD of the man I’ve become and after 50+ years of self-loathing and hate I finally love and respect the person I am. All of that is due to the home and church I hold so sacred in my life and that NO ONE will ever take from me: The gym.

  4. Funny how that works. In my church it’s about sharing and helping others.
    It isn’t so self absorbing as you describe. Instead of turning your attention “inward”, try turning it to those around you who need you.

    • BriCon, before someone can devote attention to others they first need to devote it to themselves. Putting yourself first is a necessity, not an act of selfishness.

    • BriCon, one other thing: Davey’s also a personal trainer. Meaning he turns that “inward” attention “outward”, and uses what he learns to help those around who need him.

      Sound more like your church now?

  5. Very well put. I share your sentiments.

  6. Exercise is sacred for me as it’s saved my life as I was over 400lbs. Still a ways to go, but the hour a day means a lot to me.

  7. I’m sorry your church experience has been so negative. The church I go to to today is very supportive of our community, and focuses on love, understanding, and friendship. I find joy from my weekly services - they call on me to be more accepting and understanding than I am. I’m not being critical of those who have found church an exclusionary or diminishing experience, only that my church has made me feel welcomed and valued. I wish more churches did the same - focussing on Christ’s message of love, tolerance, and acceptance.

  8. Father Robert says:

    You are an insightful and beautiful person. Your experiences with the church are not uncommon unfortunately. My radical group of priests bring the sacraments to the people, instead of them having to come to us. I would love to get together with you and your friends and experience the Divinity of God that is within all of us, be it outside, inside, at your gym, etc. God is good. Being gay is good. Continue to bring your message and joy to others. You have my love and respect.

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