Clean With Soda - But Don’t Drink It. [Video]

As it turns out, soda can serve many useful household purposes.

And none of those purposes include actually drinking it.

I decided to make a video on the subject. And it’s something that every person on this planet needs to see.

In the comments below, let me know if it changes the way you look at soda.

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  1. Funny story. I used the toilet story to scare my elder sis off her coke drinking habit!

    Sadly it hasn’t worked on my other sister!

  2. Lance Webster says:

    Davey, I have cut out soda, and diet soda is arguably worse because most contains Aspartame, which I am told converts to formaldahyde in the body.
    BUT….I now drink a lot of orange juice, cran raspberry, mango juice, unsweetened pineapple juice, and green tea. I try to keep the sugar count under 20. Is that just as bad as coke, or better?

  3. DAVE TURNAGE says:

    This video makes the right point, all the sugar in sodas is very bad, empty calories and should be avoided by anyone wishing to reduce their calorie intake. While these are dramatic visual illustrations to emphasis the negative characteristics of sodas, they are more for show than accuracy! If you were to take some of the digestive fluids from inside your stomach, they would no doubt clean silver just as well from their normal acidity. I doubt that the “soda” from the coke, etc is really very harmful when added to ones stomach! It would be a very good visual to show the amount of sugar crystals in a glass of coke!


  4. I actually knew all of that so no, it doesn’t change the way I look at coke. And yes, I’m losing weight. And thats why I haven’t actually drunk Coca Cola original for three years. Thank God for Coke zero. Guess I’m just to lazy to look for something better. Also, I dont like the taste of the water near me since its more or less sewage.

    I also heard it can be used to clean engines.

  5. christopher says:

    thats it -done deal-im cleaning the toilet with one Liter-Coca-Cola-things go better with Coke-my toilet.Voila.thanx to you DW.

    • christopher says:

      i tried the Coke thing-it cleaned my toilet-its expesive to do-but it works-and works well.

  6. christopher says:

    im only drinking water-iced tea or sun tea.only Coke Zero-if im that desparate.the working out and tremendous weight loss of the past year-why would i poison my im onto quitting smoking.smoking stinks-too.

  7. If your car won’t start because of corrosion on the little +/- nob thingies on the battery, guess what’s the first thing a mechanic will suggest to remove the corrosion and start your car again.

  8. Gary Whitehead says:

    I love your tongue-in-cheek humor. Not only are you so incredibly cute, but you don’t take yourself so seriously. Very charming and real.

  9. make your own soda, use bacteria. go probiotic.

    Fuck the Co Coke co

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