Are you ready to get the results you’ve always wanted from an exercise plan that works for YOU?

Davey WaveyDear Blog Buddy,

Whether you’ve never stepped foot in a gym or have been exercising for years, what if you finally had a customized exercise routine to help you look and feel the way you’ve always wanted? Today, I can help make that happen. I want to be YOUR personal trainer.

For beginners or people considering exercise for the first time, there are so many questions. The enormity of creating an effective exercise program that is attached to real, concrete goals can be paralyzing.

People that already exercise are often frustrated by a lack of progress. They are trying to reach a goal but lack the roadmap to get them there.

As a certified personal trainer, I can help you create a fitness routine that achieves your fitness goals and gives you the results you’ve always wanted.

I want to help you create a custom fitness routine that works. Period.

I created Davey Wavey’s Ultimate Guide to Working Out because I’m tired of hearing about people unable to achieve the results they so deeply desire. As a personal trainer, I understand your frustration. I’ve worked with countless clients in situations like yours.

Building a comprehensive and customized exercise routine is like following a formula. My Ultimate Guide to Working Out contains 15 steps that take into consideration your goals, the equipment available to you (whether you work out at home or at the gym), your schedule, any medical conditions, your commitments and so much more. I’ll hold your hand—throughout the text and video—to help you create a real program that will produce real results.

Your questions finally answered.
Results finally achieved.

In creating your customized routine, I’ll answer questions including:

If it is better to do cardio (like jogging on a treadmill) before or after lifting weights?
Will running or other cardio make me lose muscle?
How do I create a fitness goal in the first place?
What is a ‘set’ and how many should I do given my goals?
What is a ‘rep’ and how many should I be doing given my goals?
How long should I spend at the gym? And how should I spend that time?
What exercises are best given the equipment (or lack thereof) that is available to me?
How often should I go to the gym?
What types of cardio exercise are the most effective and which are right for me?
How can I measure my success—beyond the scale?
How can I feel less self-conscious at the gym?

Here's what people are saying:

“Because of you, I have lost over 60 lbs in 7 months. I was depressed and sick—I have no doubt that you’ve saved my life.”
- Ben R., San Francisco

You’re probably wondering, what is Davey Wavey’s Ultimate Guide to Working Out?

My Ultimate Guide to working out is a complete program that will give you everything—including an exercise program, knowledge and confidence—to get the results you’ve always wanted. We’ll create a program based on your unique situation and what’s available to you (No gym membership? No problem!).

Here’s what you’ll get:

The Ultimate Guide to Working Out ebook—Comprehensive but simple 29-page ebook that will walk you through the 15 steps for creating your ideal and 100% totally customized exercise routine.

Exercise Diagrams & Instructions ebook—Detailed 15 page ebook with step-by-step instructions and illustrations for the most effective exercises you can do at home and/or at the gym. More than 50 different exercises explained!

Exclusive Videos—9 (yes, nine!) concise and informative videos to accompany the Ultimate Guide to Working Out ebook. You can save the videos on your computer (works on either a Mac or PC) or you can stream them online or even on your mobile device!

Sample Workout Routines—I share 3 actual sample workout routines that I created for diverse personal training clients with varying goals.

By the time you complete my program, you have a customized exercise routine built to achieve the results you’ve always wanted. And don’t forget to check out the bonuses below for more!

In addition to the bonuses below, if you purchase my Ultimate Guide to Working Out today, I'll also send you this free gift:

Free Gift: 30-Minute Ab Workout!

Purchase my Ultimate Guide to Working Out today and you'll receive my 30-minute ab workout as a free gift! My professionally filmed 30-minute ab workout helps you create strong, defined abs like none other. You won't find a better ab workout out there! And it's a $33 value - yours free!

Watch the free preview below:

How is this program different?

Davey WaveyMaybe you’re skeptical. I can’t blame you. In a world with diet pills, quick fixes and bogus exercise equipment infomercials, I understand. Here’s how my Ultimate Guide to Working Out is different:

  1. This program creates a FULL EXERCISE PROGRAM—it addresses cardio and strength training, and every muscle group therein!

  2. I recognize and address the non-physical aspects of exercise including motivation and accountability.

  3. I hold your hand throughout the entire process. I break down the process of creating a workout routine into 15 simple steps and walk through each of them with you.

  4. It’s simple, clear and concise. This isn’t about abstract theory. I show you EXACTLY what you need to know and do to get the results you want.

  5. It’s based on YOUR goals and YOUR situation. It’s fully customized.

  6. There are NO diet pills as part of this program. If getting in shape was as easy as taking a pill, we’d all already be in shape!

  7. You can use your routine at home or at the gym—a membership to a health club or fitness center is not required!

“Davey Wavey embodies the spirit and mind-body connection which I believe is vital to the achievement and maintenance of an exercise lifestyle change.”
- James L., Vancouver

Here’s what else you’ll learn:

The difference between good and bad soreness.

How a tiny notepad can change everything!

The best time to stretch.

How NOT to be intimidated at the gym.

What you should consume with your post-workout protein.

How to overcome obstacles preventing you from getting to the gym.

The difference between good and bad soreness.

12 ways to measure your progress.

50+ amazing benefits of exercise!

With my Ultimate Guide to Working Out, you’ll finally have a workout routine that gets you the results you’ve always wanted. And, you’ll also get all the bonuses below.

I have seen changes in my own body that I didn’t think possible—it has given me my confidence back and makes me feel great. Thank you for your professional approach and keep up the good work!”
- Gaz, Wales

“Rather than looking at a standardized routine that everyone does, his guide made me think more about what I specifically wanted to focus on, and the key goals that I wanted to accomplish. Just like Davey’s blog, the guide helped to reinforce and make me more aware of my personal goals as an individual, rather than just doing what everyone else is doing. Thanks Davey, you really hoped me to get the most out of my work out!”
- Melissa, Rhode Island

“I love your style of delivery and I’m already starting to see results. I’ve dropped a jean size already and am feeling more confident in my posture. Thanks for the motivation and techniques to get and keep me trim.”
- John, Singapore

I look in the mirror and can’t help but stare because I have seen such an improvement. But like you said, I may have started out for the beauty of it, but in the end it’s all for my health. Thanks, Davey. I appreciate you.”
- Justin, Portland

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BONUS #2: Davey’s Top 17 Fitness Secrets—17 of my best fitness secrets and tips revealed!

And don't forget: You'll also get my $33 30-Minute Ab Workout as a free gift!

In total, you’ll receive $342 worth of programming, ebooks and videos for just $99, $79, $59. As a blog buddy, you’re getting an exclusive deep discount that isn’t available to other people. This is much cheaper than hiring a personal trainer—and you’re really paying for the incredible and truly priceless change that you’re going to experience in your life. You’ll finally get the results you’ve always wanted.

Please Note: This is a downloadable program which includes downloadable ebooks and videos. You will NOT receive a physical package - including dvds or a book - shipped to you in the mail. After ordering, you will be able to immediately download all of the program files and bonuses. You won't find Davey Wavey's Ultimate Guide to Working Out in stores; it's only available through this website.

You’re Safeguarded By My

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That's right 100% of your money back.

This isn't a gimmick or scheme. My workout videos and program have worked for hundreds of people and will work for you too.

Depending on your situation you may not get the perfect body within 30 days, but I guarantee that if you stick with my program you will see and feel results.

If you don't, you'll get 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

The choice is yours: Do you want to be intimidated by exercise—or stuck in a routine that isn’t producing the results you want? Or do you want to experience what it’s like to finally achieve your fitness goals?

My Ultimate Guide to Working Out will help you get the results you've always wanted. Period.

To your health and happiness,

P.S. One of my favorite quotes says, “A year from now you’ll wish you had started today.” Don’t put this off any longer.

P.P.S. Don’t forget that in addition to my Ultimate Guide to Working Out ebook, the Exercise Instructions & Diagrams ebook, 9 videos and 3 sample routines, you’ll also be getting two bonuses: Top 10 Fitness Myths and my Top 17 Fitness Secrets. And, if you order today, you'll also get my $33 30-Minute Ab Workout as a free gift! All for less than the price of a one month gym membership or a few nights out. Honor your body and honor your life.

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