Give me 15 minutes and I'll give you a leaner, stronger you!

Davey Wavey and Chris NogiecDear Blog Buddy,

If there's one common theme that I hear from clients or that I read in comments and emails, it's people claiming that they don't have enough time to workout.

We're all busy. We all have a lot going on in our lives. Creating time for exercise isn't easy. I get that.

But getting into shape doesn't require endless hours at the gym. In fact, it doesn't even require a gym at all. If you give me just 15 minutes a day a few times per week, I can transform your body.

Sound too good to be true? It's not. Typical workouts are terribly inefficient. But through an increasingly popular technique called high intensity interval training, you can get ripped in minutes. Without any equipment or even a gym membership.

You don't need to spend countless hours at the gym to get into the best shape of your life.

I created Davey Wavey's Get Ripped Workout because I'm tired of seeing people waste precious time with workouts that don't yield results. And the lack of progress can be extremely frustrating.

As I mentioned, this program and the included workout videos are built around a technique called high intensity interval training. It's a technique that I use daily in my own workouts, and I've been blown away by the results. I love high intensity interval training—and, by the time you finish this program, I know you'll love it too.

Through this program, you'll workout alongside me and Chris Nogiec, a certified personal trainer and personal friend. The three fat-burning, muscle building workout videos all make use of high intensity interval training—and they'll undoubtedly transform your body.

But don't be intimidated. Even if you're new to exercise, we'll show you how to modify the exercises to meet your current fitness level. Davey Wavey's Get Ripped Workout will produce great results for all levels of exercisers - from beginners to experts.

Best of all, you don't need any equipment. You can perform these workouts in the comfort of your own home, a hotel room or the office. You can even load the videos onto your tablet or smartphone and use the workouts at the gym.

Moreover, through the included e-book and bonuses, you'll learn everything you need to know about high intensity interval training and how you can use the technique to get the results you want.

Check out this free preview of Davey Wavey's Get Ripped Workout:

Whether you're brand new to exercise, frustrated with a lack of progress or just ready for something new, Davey Wavey's Get Ripped Workout will push you to the next level.

Through this program, I'll answer questions including:

What is high intensity interval training and how can it help me?
How can I get into shape while still maintaining a busy schedule?
What should I be eating?
How can I get into shape without a gym membership or equipment?
How can I make this technique work for me—and how often should I do it?
How can I lose fat while still maintaining or building muscle?
How can I use high intensity interval training to decrease stress and improve my mood?
What are some of the different variations of high intensity interval training—and which is best for me?
How can I increase my metabolism?

Here's what people are saying:

Videos"You inspired me to completely change my life around with diet and exercise. A year ago I was over 240lbs and couldn't even run a mile without being out of breath. I lost over 60lbs, changed the way I ate and… I finished my first half marathon this past weekend. Here is a picture of me crossing the finish line. Thank you."
- Tom

"A few years back I was very overweight (230lbs at 5'6"). Through your videos, you gave me the kick in the ass that I needed and I've already lost 50lbs!"
- Andrew

So what does Davey Wavey's Get Ripped Workout include?

Davey Wavey's Get Ripped Workout gives you everything you need to burn fat, build muscle and get into the best shape of your life.

You’ll get:

VideosDavey Wavey's Get Ripped Workout Video 1—This professionally filmed video staring Davey Wavey and Chris Nogiec—playable on your computer, tablet or phone—will give you an incredible workout in just 15 minutes.

VideosDavey Wavey's Get Ripped Workout Video 2—Also 15 minutes in length, this professionally filmed workout video will get your heart pumping and muscles moving. Don't be fooled by the short length—this workout is very powerful!

VideosDavey Wavey's Get Ripped Workout Video 3— In just 15 minutes, you'll transform your body through this incredible workout routine. Professionally filmed and produced, it will take your workout to the next level.

Audiose-Book: Your Guide to High Intensity Interval Training Success—I wrote this e-book to give you a deeper understanding of this workout technique. Through this guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about using this powerful strategy to achieve the results you want—on a schedule as tight as yours.

By the time you finish this program, I know that you'll be amazed by the results you see. It's not magic—it takes some hard work and effort—but I'm here to walk you through every step and every exercise.

What's different about this program?

Davey WaveyI know what you’re thinking: It sounds too good to be true and there are a million workout programs out there. How is this program so special?

  1. It's efficient. I don't waste your time. If you can't find 15 minutes for exercise at least 3 times per week, then you don't want it badly enough.

  2. It's not empty promises. This program is based on a technique called high intensity interval training—and it's effectiveness has been proven time and time again through scientifically valid studies and research. This is the real deal.

  3. It's for men and women of all fitness levels. I wanted to create a program that can be used by beginners, experts and everyone in between—and Davey Wavey's Get Ripped Workout accomplishes just that. Many of the exercises contain variations that you can use depending on your fitness level.

  4. You burn fat—without losing muscle. Many aerobic workouts result in fat and muscle loss. One of the huge benefits of high intensity interval training is that you won't have to sacrifice your hard-earned muscle while dropping excess fat.

  5. It stars me! Personal trainers are a dime a dozen—but more than 80 million people around the world have watched my Davey Wavey videos. I bring my warm, honest and authentic style to these workout videos. It's like exercising with a friend.

  6. There's no fluff. There's nothing else to buy. You don't need any equipment. You don't even need a gym membership. And you certainly don't need to buy any ridiculous diet pills.

  7. You can start today! Once you purchase Davey Wavey's Get Ripped Workout, you'll instantly be able to download the program through a link sent to your inbox.

"I'm 5'10 and went from 180 lbs to a current 155 lbs. I am so proud of my weight loss and I continue to train for muscle gain and definition. I feel like I owe you a thank you because I couldn't have done it without you."
- Brian

Here’s what else you’ll learn:

How to get in shape in as little as 4 minutes

The right foods to eat to fuel your workouts and results

How this workout can improve heart health and lower cholesterol

How to burn more calories—even when you're not exercising

How to not lose muscle mass while burning fat

How to apply high intensity interval training techniques to traditional cardio and weight training workouts

How to incorporate these videos into an existing workout routine

Tips for pre and post workout meals

How to identify, treat and prevent overtraining

If you're looking to lose body fat, build your muscles—and get ripped—then Davey Wavey's Get Ripped Workout is for you. In addition to everything in this program, you'll also get the bonuses listed below.

"You have changed the way I think about who I am! You are a real inspiration and I'm so pleased people like you exist to help people like us build confidence and enjoy life! Thank you so much, Davey Wavey!"
- Haz

"I honestly was just about to give up on working out and then I came across your videos. You showed me a new way to workout and gave me a healthy diet to stick to. And I also love how you're comfortable with who you are. I just wanted to let you know you are an inspiration and I can't wait to show you my final results when I get my beach body!"
- Tyler

"Over the years, I've gone through many cycles of trying to lose weight and then giving up. But this time, I'm not going to give up, AND IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU! I've just discovered your videos this past week and you've become such an inspiration to me."
- Raman

"I just wanted to say 'thank you' for inspiring me to take up exercising again. I've been working out very hard and I'm happy to say that the six-pack seems to be resurfacing. Thank you for that!"
- Chris

If you order today, then you'll also get these great bonuses!

The Davey Wavey Weight Loss ProgramBONUS #1: Sample Workout Schedules & Routine Tips—I wrote this guide to help you build a workout routine that works for you. This includes how often you’ll work out, what you’ll do, how long your workouts will last and the time of day in which you’ll be performing the exercise sessions.

VideosBONUS #2: Exercise Guide—Through this guide, I break down each exercise performed in the workout videos. Step by step, you’ll be able to follow along as we incorporate these exercises into your routine.

In total, you’re getting hundreds of dollars worth of programming, e-books and professionally filmed videos for just $99, $79, $59. And really, you’re not paying for the program. You’re paying for the transformation that you’ll experience as a result of Davey Wavey's Get Ripped Workout.

Please Note: This is a downloadable program that includes downloadable e-books and videos. You will NOT receive a physical package - including DVDs or a book - shipped to you in the mail. After ordering, you will be able to immediately download all of the program files and bonuses. You won't find Davey Wavey's Get Ripped Workout in stores; it's only available through this website.

You’re Safeguarded By My

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That's right 100% of your money back.

This isn't a gimmick or scheme. My programs have worked for hundreds of people and they'll work for you too.

Depending on your situation you may not get the ideal body within 30 days, but I guarantee that if you stick with my program, you will see and feel results.

If you don't, you'll get 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

Are you sick and tired of long workouts and a lack of progress? Are you ready to try something that fits into your schedule—and gives you the results you’ve always wanted? Are you ready to decrease your body fat, build muscle—and get ripped?

Or do you want more of the same?

The choice is yours. I can’t make this decision for you—but if you’re ready to transform your body with a scientifically proven workout technique, then I’ll be there to help you through every step of the way. I can’t promise that it will always be easy—but with some energy, effort and dedication, I know that we can get you into great shape. Maybe even the best shape of your life.

Give me 15 minutes a day a few days per week—and I’ll give you a new you.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your health and fitness experience. I’m inspired by your commitment to a stronger, healthier and leaner you.


P.S. Remember: In addition to Davey Wavey’s Get Ripped Workout and the included 15-minute workout videos, you’ll receive a 24-page e-book, the exercise guide, a sample workout schedule guide.

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