JOIN DAVEY as he strips down to his skivvies – and gets lean, toned, and re-energized

“How to Get a FAT-BURNING, MUSCLE-TONING, RE-ENERGIZING Workout – Without Any Pain For Your Gain”...

Davey WaveyDear Blog Buddy,

Every once in a while, we find something new and exciting that SHOCKS the heck out of us.

About 3 months ago I stumbled onto something that really surprised me... something BIG... that I’m going to tell you about today.

If you've ever been to my blog or website you probably know how much I like to work out, right? 

But, what you might not know is that I'm a newborn fanatic about yoga. Seriously, I’m totally hooked on it.

Now don't laugh; yoga is a REAL workout.

It reshapes the body, improves strength, flexibility, and balance, helps heal injury and disease, and even takes you on a journey of discovery and awakening.

Yoga targets EVERY muscle, organ, and joint in your body... it STRENGTHENS your cardiovascular system, skeleton and endocrine systems... AND, it PUSHES your body beyond your personal limits.

And the icing on the cake...

When doing yoga, you'll feel a deep, relaxed connection to the world around you.

You'll Enjoy Muscle-Building, Fat-Melting, Energy-Boosting Goodness!

Yoga has made a monumental difference in my life... and I know it can do the very same for your life too. 

There is no doubt in my mind that yoga is one of the MOST amazing ways to improve muscle definition, boost your energy and stamina, and gain a deeper appreciation and enjoyment for life.

It’s strengthening… it’s energizing… and it’s calming all rolled into ONE!

Whether you’re a guy who likes to pump and flex... run and sweat… or spend too much time at your computer instead of the gym… it’s time to get REAL about yoga.

Without a Doubt - YOGA WORKS!

It’s estimated that over 15 million Americans practice some form of yoga.

Many professional athletes and celebrities are yoga buffs, too. Madonna, Jennifer Aniston and Sting do it. Matthew McConaughey (yum!) includes yoga in his workout routine... and we all know how amazing his physique is, right? Even Oprah has her staff practicing yoga once a week.

That’s right. EVERYONE loves yoga because it gives them:

Greater flexibility

Increased muscle strength

Defined muscle tone

Boost in stamina and endurance

More energy

Less injury

Less stress

Improved balance and body control


Sharper mental focus and clarity

Plus, much MORE!

So, if you’re ready to relieve a working man’s pain...

To get rid of your tension and stress...

And, to feel energy surge through every throbbing muscle, then I’ve got a treat for you.

Here's what people are saying about my workouts:

Davey Wavey has done it again! It’s a fantastic andd affordable yoga program that can excite you at the same time. It allows you to rethink yoga as more than just postures—it’s a great workout that I’m putting it to good use.
-Brian, Sydney

Let Me Have Your Body For 30 Days – And I Bet I Can Get You Hooked on Underwear Yoga!

In just a moment, you’re going to discover an exciting NEWLY RELEASED yoga program to help you tone and strengthen your muscles, and get into the best shape of your life.

And, you don’t have to be a marathon runner, or a 300 pound muscle man to benefit.

With a few yoga posses, some simple stretches and a bit of deep breathing, you can whip yourself into shape faster than you ever thought possible.

7 POWERFUL Reasons to Say “YES” to Yoga!

Reason #1: Yoga Works your ENTIRE Body

Most sports or exercise routines only target a small percentage of your body, whereas yoga works all of your muscles, joints and organs. Yoga is great for your skeletal, and cardiovascular and endocrine system (all those hormone-producing glands).

Reason #2: Yoga Strengthens Your Bones

Our bones are living, growing tissue. Yoga helps to restore proper alignment and relieve pressure on bones, cartilage, and ligaments. It improves our posture and helps to relieve the pain caused by hernias, arthritis and slipped disks.

Reason #3: Yoga Relieves Muscle Soreness and Stiffness

Fatigued muscles build up lactic acid. Yoga stretches and releases muscle tension and flushes away the burn and stiffness that lactic acid creates.

Reason #4: Yoga Boosts Your Sex Life

There are MANY yoga poses that send oxygen and fresh blood to your sexual organs. Not only can you contort into a ton of new positions, but yoga also does wonders for men who want to revitalize their sex drive.

Reason #5: Yoga Boosts Energy

Many activities and experiences may drain you of energy, but not yoga. Yoga actually peps you up.  It increases energy levels and makes you feel sharper, more focused and more revitalized.

Reason #6: Helps Preserve Memory and Brain Function

Yoga gives you mental, physical and emotional strength. It helps you to train your mind, sharpen your memory, and shut down your thinking until you reach a relaxed and tranquil state.

Reason #7: Yoga Flushes Your System

Doing yoga can work up a good sweat. Yoga not only helps melt the pounds off, but it actually flushes away built up toxins and enhances your immune system.

“If Your Body Was a Car –
Yoga Would the High Octane Fuel
You’d Want To Put in Your Tank

Trouble is, after discovering how awesome yoga is, I checked into the programs being offered and couldn’t believe how incomplete and pricey they were.

You can grab a gym membership for about $35 a month… but a yoga membership can run you as much as $125 to $250 for 10 classes. It’s insane! Yoga should be accessible!

So, I found one of the most amazing yoga instructors - Nick Kindrick - and created an easy to follow, highly effective, program for men (though women will enjoy it, too) with beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels.

All you have to do is follow along at a comfortable pace.

Nick makes doing yoga so easy. There is never any pressure, he provides more challenging variations of poses for those at an advanced level - and he looks mighty fine in his skivvies.

It’s really an awesome program that you should take a good look at.


"Underwear Yoga: Energy Boost"

A high quality, professionally filmed 20-minute workout that increases energy in the body. Starring Davey Wavey and yoga instructor Nick Kendrick, this workout focuses on positions that enhance your energy levels. It creates vitality, and helps counter low energy emotions.

"Underwear Yoga: Muscle Flow"

Also starring Davey Wavey and yoga instructor Nick Kindrick, it is an intense and high quality, professional filmed 20-minute yoga workout. This workout builds and defines muscles in a way that you've never experienced before!

A 33-page eBook titled "Complete Guide to Underwear Yoga: Everything You Need to Know About Yoga"

It will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about yoga, its benefits, how to practice - and much more!


Underwear Yoga Workbook

Contains pictures and descriptions of the poses that will be covered in the two Underwear Yoga videos.

PLUS, as an Added BONUS, You’ll Also Get…

A 10-minute guided meditation narrated by Davey Wavey. It's great to listen to on your computer - or load it onto your iPod! It's very powerful.

A 30-minute meditation soundtrack.

These meditations are an awesome way to unwind and relax.

So please don’t hesitate, not even for a second.

You don’t have to be a tired, hurting, energy-deficient person. Will you let me help you to create a healthier version of yourself?

If you don’t have time for the gym – no problem!

If you can’t afford to pay $125 a month for yoga classes – you won’t have to!

NOW you can get a GREAT workout that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Heck, you can even line up a group of buddies, strip down to your underwear and enjoy the workout together.

Say “Hello” To a Leaner,
Stronger and Healthier You!

I urge you to join me in committing to an Underwear Yoga class or two each week for a month.

It can be just you, me and Nick toning our bodies, clearing our minds and feeling more connected to the world around us.

That’s why I’m inviting you to give Underwear Yoga a try – without risk or obligation of any kind.

Just give yoga an honest to goodness effort and see how you great you feel.  I bet it won’t take long before you’re hooked on yoga just like me!

And, if not… if you don’t absolutely LOVE IT… if you’re not tickled pink that you found one of the most awesome ways to tone, strengthen and rejuvenate your body simultaneously, then ask for your money back. There are NO strings attached!

I’ll even let you keep the entire bundle just for having the guts to take me up on this fitness challenge. 

Check Out This Free Preview
of Underwear Yoga

You’re Safeguarded By My

Text Box: Here’s my personal promise to you: If you are not absolutely thrilled with the information found in Underwear Yoga, then please don’t hesitate to ask for a refund.

I expect you to try out ALL the poses, and use this yoga video as much as you like before you decide.

And, if you’re not FULLY convinced that this yoga program gives you loads of extra energy… toned and well defined muscles … and some added inner peace and well-being, please let me know, and I will insist on giving you your money back – no questions asked.

You can even keep the entire package and BONUS gifts as a special thank just you for trying it out.

You are standing at the crossroad with a decision to make.

You can keep doing the very same sport, exercise, weight lifting, or couch-potato activities you always do, and perhaps miss on one of the most awesome pleasures in life…

Or you can take a small leap of faith and lend me your body for 30 days and test the results for yourself.

I want to rush Underwear Yoga to you, so you can start to feel the exhilaration that comes from the gained energy, flexibility and strength you develop.

And you won’t pay $127, $97, or even $77… but only the one-time low price of $57!

Isn’t $57 is a drop in the bucket, considering how great you are going to look and feel?

I can’t tell you how many emails I receive from blog buddies who want to know what I do to stay in shape. Here’s your chance to see and do my yoga workout… and transform your mind, body and spirit into a far healthier version of YOU!

But, don’t take only my word for it.

Meet Some Folks Who Have Used Underwear Yoga To Regain Their Health and Re-energize Their Lives

Underwear yoga gave my body the workout and energetic boost I needed to start my day. The video got my heart racing, my body stretched, and my mind clear. I was impressed with the intensity of the exercise, yet was not intimidated and felt like I could go at my own pace. Thank you DW!

- William, NYC

Underwear yoga allowed me to connect with my body in ways I would never have imagined. I have noticed increased flexibility and range of motion in my joints, as well as increased muscle mass and definition. My body thanks me for Underwear Yoga.

- Jeff, Toronto

I love Underwear Yoga! Truly professional, fun, and an ultimate learning experience - all in my underwear in the privacy of my home"

- Jonathan, NYC

After just two weeks of practicing Underwear Yoga, I can see real changes in my body. My muscles are more defined. I look and feel great!

- Jordan, ME

I’m Puttin’ My Money Where My Mouth Is,
How About You?

Order Underwear Yoga right now and let me help you take back control of your body and your life.

Just click on any of the blue order buttons (or order now) and you'll be transferred to a secure order page.

As soon as your order is processed, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download the entire package instantly by e-mail.

To recap, when you order you’ll get: 

Video #1: "Underwear Yoga: Energy Boost" (20 minute, high quality video that focuses on boosting energy).

Video #2: "Underwear Yoga: Muscle Flow" (an intense 20 minute workout for muscle flow). Both videos star Davey Wavey and yoga instructor Nick Kindrick.

A 33 page eBook titled, "Complete Guide to Underwear Yoga: Everything You Need to Know About Yoga”.

An eBook with pictures and descriptions of the poses in the two videos.

PLUS, Order TODAY and You’ll Receive 2 Fabulous “FAST ACTION” Meditation BONUSES Absolutely FREE!

If you’ve been trying to find an enjoyable workout, that rewards you with added energy, improved stamina, more muscle definition, and better balance, then click the order button below.

It won’t take you long to find out that it’s the most relaxing, re-energizing and whole body pushing workout you’ve ever had the pleasure to exprience.  Order Today!

Yes Davey, I’m ready to give you my body for 30 days!

The choice is yours. You can keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll wish you every bit of peace, love and joy in this world. Or you can give this yoga workout a try – RISK FREE and take Nick and I up on our offer to whip you into shape.

Either way, don’t forget to check out my upcoming blog posts. They’ll be buzzing with excitement!

But, before you do… LOOK UP… and click that big blue button to get started.

To you Health and Happiness,

P.S.  Remember, if you’re not thrilled with how great you feel… if you don’t see and feel yourself getting stronger, more flexible and more energetic, then send me an email I’ll give you every penny you invested back.

You’ve got a whole 30 days to put it to the test. I want you to get a good feel for the workout… try out every single one of the yoga stretches and poses… and see how yoga makes you feel. 

There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll get addicted to yoga, too.  But, if I’m wrong, just let me know and I’ll give you every penny you invested right back. No questions asked. 

How’s that sound?

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