Myth: Healthy Outside = Healthy Inside?

Hey Davey,

I’m an 18 year old guy and I eat pretty much whatever I want. My diet consists mostly of chips, pizza, soda and other crappy food. Even though I have such a bad diet, my body looks great. I have a six pack and look really athletic. Do I really need to change my diet if I already look good?


sixpackHey Ben,

Congratulations! You are one of those people who is blessed with a high metabolism and good genetics.

But keep in mind, what’s happening on the outside is really only part of the equation. While many people eat smart and work out to look a certain way, the best benefits of a healthy lifestyle happen on the inside. And just because someone looks healthy on the outside doesn’t mean they are healthy on the inside.

Decades ago, autopsies for U.S. military personal killed in the Korean and Vietnam wars revealed that many of these bootcamp graduates had plaque and fatty deposits in their arteries. Despite looking healthy and fit on the outside, many of these young people were severely unhealthy on the inside. On the outside, you might see an athletic 20 year-old man. But on the inside, his arteries looked like those of an overweight, 50 year-old heart attack victim.

Yes, a healthy lifestyle of eating smarter and moving more will transform your body. But transforming your body is about more than just your outward appearance. It’s like the difference between getting a car wash or a tune-up. If you want your car to be in good working condition, you need to maintain what’s under the hood! The same goes for your body.

But fear not: Having a healthy lifestyle and improving your diet isn’t difficult. And though it might not include a whole lot of chips or soda, it will include plenty of delicious foods that will energize and invigorate your body! If you need help or guidance, download Davey Wavey’s Insanely Easy Guide to Eating Smarter. It will give you all the tools you need for a complete transformation.

I hope that helps!


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  1. That might work at 18. But by the time you’re into your 20s it won’t.

  2. Bill Pfender says:

    I, too, was rail thin and could eat anything without weight gain. Had a “twink” body until my mid thirties. Then I began to gain weight I had a hard time sloughing off despite gym & various aerobic activities. As I grew older, I gained more weight but I never changed my eating habits/diet. Now at twice 35, I settled in at 100 lbs more than I was between 18-35. Moral of the story? Eat healthy throughout your life even when you don’t think you need to. Bad habits have a way of catching up with and settling in.

  3. Really you should watch what you eat, it may be okay when you are so young, but trust me, it will catch up with you. Keep fit, eat well, and train in gyms, yoga, fitness classes, mixing up weight training and cardio. This will lead to ultimate health

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  5. I think that yes, in general, a healthy outside indicates a healthy inside (and on the contrary, an unhealthy outside indicates an unhealthy inside). Outliers like this guy, or the “totally healthy obese person who runs 15 miles every morning” don’t invalidate this.

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  6. People tend to ask what you eat to look like that. This is wrong. What you should be asking is what items don’t you eat.

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  8. I would suggest bakin soda in this case 😀

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  13. Oh to have the metabolism of when I was 18 again! It’s a constant struggle to remind myself not to eat too much of the bad things, but worth it when the inside feels good too!

  14. Have the same problem, I eat chips and pizza every day, but I am 23yo. I have to change my meals because I have a problems in 25+((

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  16. Eating smaller, ha, it is quite difficult))

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