How to Get Abs Like the Movie 300.

Dear Davey,

I’m a big fan of the movie 300 and I’m excited to see the new sequel. I’ve always been really envious of the actors’ bodies and especially their six pack abs, and I was wondering what their secret is?


2r5ylrkHey Ben,

The chiseled, strong, oiled bodies of the men in 300 are a sight to behold - and can certainly serve as workout motivation and inspiration to the rest of us.

The secret to getting a highly defined body (like those showcased in 300) really isn’t a secret at all. It can be summed up in two steps:

  1. Train hard.
  2. Eat fewer calories than you burn.

The truth is, all of us have abdominal muscles. Training hard means strengthening and developing those muscles. But even highly developed abdominal muscles will remain hidden if they’re covered by a layer of body fat. Eating fewer calories than you burn (while continuing to train hard) is all about leaning down to a lower body fat percentage. As you become leaner, the coveted six pack becomes visible.

Exercise guru Mark Twight worked with the 300 actors to whip them into shape through months of intense training. At the end of the training, the actors were administered the following test. Based on their time, the actors were each given a score.

  • 25 pull-ups
  • 50 deadlifts at 135 pounds
  • 50 push-ups
  • 50 box jumps with a 24-inch box
  • 50 “floor wipers” at 135 pounds
  • 50 “clean and press” at 36 pounds
  • 25 more pull-ups

It’s a grand total of 300 reps (just like the name of the movie) and it’s meant to be performed without any rest. Keep in mind, the ability to punch through this workout test was the result of months of training. If it seems daunting, work up to it over time. Completing the test can be a great fitness goal.

If it all sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is. Between training and massages and fight classes, many of the actors worked four hours per day to achieve their 300 look. For a lot of people, that might not be realistic - and that’s okay.

At the end of the day, 300 can - at the very least - inspire each of us to build stronger, healthier bodies that are fueled by delicious and nourishing foods. We might not end up looking like Greek gods, but we can certainly make progress toward our health and fitness goals.



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  1. We also must not forget about the make up and CGI that was used.

    • Yeah, I was gonna say…. I distinctly remember when the last one came out, they made a big issue outta how even their bodies were mostly CGI.

      • Christian says:

        Don’t be silly. You know how expensive it would be to make the actors body CGI?

        When people says the movie is all CGI its because of the sets.

        In the extras you can see the actors training and they look just as strong. The movie light and color sure make it feel more epic, but the abs were already there.

  2. or just do it like they did in 300 and just airbrush them on. takes about 5 minutes and you are done.

  3. What are floor wipers

  4. Bryan Breault says:

    3. Be computer generated.

  5. Am at a 36 inch waist and will be using my OCD to obtain this goal. How much time should I expect results if my be behavior has .004 % deviation rate?

  6. It is a dream of everyone to have a sculpted body like in the movie 300. But it is not possible due to lack of time. From this post I came to know about the fitness tips. I also prepared a workout chart and I will try to accomplish that goal.

  7. Davey I have always struggled doing pull ups all my life my bone mass is too large, how can i substitute it and do have any idea how we big boned guys like can look chiseled but turn into Bears

  8. sorry in my last comment i meant to say not bears but chiseled figures… i think its attainable but most of us struggle in the how to get like that(*_*)

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