Here’s What Coke’s Billboard Should Really Say…

My Rhode Island home is in the tough part of town. Unemployment is high. Food assistance programs are prevalent. And opportunities are far and few between.

But in contrast to the grey skies and muted color palette of the vacant mill buildings and abandoned factories, a bright new billboard has been erected atop a decaying brick warehouse. Much like the billboard below, it shows Santa drinking a Coca Cola beverage - and it offers a message of hope. “Open happiness,” it says.

Coke Billboard copy

Is it a coincidence that this billboard is in a poor community? Probably not. According to studies, low-income adults get 9% of the daily calories from soda. For high income adults, that number is just 4%. And soda is cheap. In fact, it’s often cheaper than water. It’s why Coca Cola is one of the biggest recipients of SNAP dollars through the federal food assistance program. Moreover, because low income communities have less access to resources and education, this population is likely to be less informed about the health risks of soda consumption.

While the billboard offers a message of hope by linking Coca Cola with happiness, the reality is quite different. Soda consumption has been linked with a number of ailments and conditions including obesity, liver damage, tooth decay, kidney disease, diabetes, heartburn, osteoporosis, hypertension, heart disease and impaired digestion. Doesn’t sound like happiness to me.

As such, I’ve taken the liberty to redesign the Coca Cola billboard in Photoshop to correct for inaccuracies. I hope you enjoy. And happy holidays, Coke.

Coke Billboard Parody1

Coke Billboard Parody2

Coke Billboard Parody4

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  1. Question: Can you not drink the town water straight from the tap ?

    Not that I’m defending Coca Cola. It is not forces them to drink there product. Also “Coca Cola” is the brands name. They also have many other product not just Coa Cola. I’m pretty sure the own one of the bottle water companys. Also Coca Cola is the largest truck company in the world.

    Also this issue is bigger then Coca Cola. The fact I know in my country they don’t teach the basic cooking skill in school any more and with parents being as busy as they are they are not teaching there kids to cook. Coca Cola is te easier option like fast food. Instead cooking for them selves.

    There is a change in the air with everybody turning juice self blending products.

    Question: Do you know what Coca Cola was orignaly made for ? Maybe if people knew this, it would change there minds mmm

  2. You are correct in what you say,but America has so many other failing like fast food joints,which affect health also, and of course beer wine and spirits/At this time of year we all eat and drink things which are not in our best interest health wise,A treat of any kind including a can of coke will do no harm in moderation

  3. I’ve never liked the taste of coca cola; it has this really fake taste to it and leaves my teeth feeling raw :/

  4. I fully agree, sodas are bad. Why do people need to drink liquid sugar and other chemicals in it, whereas you can stop your thirst by drinking water or tea?