If It’s Important to You, You’ll Find a Way.

caf5a53347c6b8a34a91de7bae57b1aaI’ve heard it all.

“I’d love to go to the gym, but…”

“I want to lose weight, but…”

“I want to eat better, but…”

But. But. But. But I don’t have the time. But I don’t have the money. But I don’t know what I’m doing. But I’m naturally big boned. But I’ve tried before and nothing works. It’s more but[t]s than a nudist colony.

If you really want something - and if it’s incredibly important to you - then you will find a way. More than a half century ago, humankind defied the odds and put a man on the moon. Over the course of 4 years, Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel - while on his back. And in the fourth century B.C., Alexander the Great built an empire that included Macedonia, large chunks of Europe, Mesopotamia, the Persian Empire and Egypt. Big or small, people find a way to accomplish what matters to them.

Surely, if they’re important to you, you can achieve your fitness goals. If we put a man on the moon, you can lose 50 pounds. If Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel, you can add 10 pounds of muscle to your body. If Alexander the Great built a massive empire, surely you can lose 4 inches off of your waist. It’s just a matter of prioritizing these goals and giving them the energy, effort and dedication that they deserve.

If, on the other hand, your fitness goals aren’t important to you, then surely you’ll find an excuse.

Any questions? Didn’t think so.


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  1. This is so true. Really, you can extend this is mostly everything in life. Thanks for some great inspiration.

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