Are Miracle Noodles Safe?

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Recently my mom brought home this newer product called “Miracle Noodles”. They are a calorie and gluten free “noodle” that, apparently, Japanese woman eat to stay thin. I tried them and must admit that they are quite good. The only thing that worries me is the fact that they have no nutritional value whatsoever. Have you seen them or tried them? And if so (or even, if not) what are your thoughts on them? Should they be consumed despite the fact they have no nutritional value at all?


Hey Mercedes,

The so-called “miracle noodles” have been traditionally known as shirataki noodles. The noodles are made from the corm of a plant that is sometimes called the elephant yam - though it’s not actually related to the yam family. The resulting flour is mixed with water or other juices and powders to form slaps that are cut into the thin noodle strips.

Containing about 6 calories per kilo, shirataki noodles contain glucomannan - a water-soluble polysaccharide that is considered a dietary fiber. Like other fibers, it’s great for your bowels and helps alleviate constipation. Moreover, because the fiber is water soluble, the noodles expand in your stomach. This helps dieters feel full.

While some dieters may find this carb-free, nearly calorie-free noodle appealing (especially individuals on carbohydrate-restrictive diets), it’s important to consider a few things. For individuals that overeat, consuming large quantities of nutritionally devoid foods doesn’t help treat the core issue of overeating. In some ways, it’s a shortsighted approach. And since the noodles contain so few nutrients, eating large quantities (at the expense of other foods) can result in malnutrition.

I don’t eat shirataki noodles because they are terribly bland and tasteless. I much prefer eating a balanced diet of foods that are both nourishing and delicious. Having said that, if you find a recipe that you enjoy, there’s nothing wrong with eating shirataki noodles in moderation. However, it’s important to ensure you’re getting your nutrients elsewhere.

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  1. I’ve tried these before while on a low carb diet.
    They are a good to throw into a low carb diet foe a change of taste but for anyone else they aren’t really worth it.
    They are kind of tough and chewy and when they come out of the package they smell like smegma. You have to wash them off really good before the smell goes away.

  2. I love them as a base for tomato sauce with meat &/or vegetables (while my partner eats his whole wheat pasta). For low-carb diets, they are great. Rinse thoroughly and don’t overcook.

  3. These are made from the same thing as Konnyaku (basically shirataki noodles in a less processed block form, looks sorta like a brick of jello), which when cooked tends to take the flavor of what it was cooked with. The advantage of konnyaku, is that you can simply include a little with an already balanced meal with the proper number of calories to guarantee filling you up. And unlike shirataki noodles, there isn’t much they won’t go with if you’re careful. But then again, drinking water can accomplish a similar effect.

    I think shirataki noodles (and konnyaku) are better used mixed in with other things than by themselves.

  4. These are the worst! Take forever to digest and passing them feels like giving birth. I suspect they are a factor in the high rate of stomach cancer among Asian women. Thanks a lot for the recommendation.

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  6. Tansy stewart says:

    Hi are the slim taki noodles you get from slim fast any good. Just as a snack. You get spag Bol, chicken tikka masala and Thai. Just wondered before I try them, they are a ready meal which you do in the microwave. Thanks

  7. very healthy diet.