Is White Whole Wheat Bread Healthy?

3702whole_grain_breadWhen selecting a bread while grocery shopping, have you ever noticed that in addition to white, whole wheat and the many other varieties of bread, there’s a bread option called white whole wheat (or sometimes white whole grain)?

So is this really just another unhealthy white bread or is it a healthy whole wheat bread? Or perhaps something in between?

As it turns out, white whole wheat bread is actually nutritionally similar to whole wheat bread. The main difference is the type of wheat used. Typical whole wheat bread is made with red wheat while white whole wheat bread is made with white wheat. The different wheat types provide different tastes and textures. Whereas whole wheat can be coarse and bitter, white wheat is much lighter and softer.

White whole wheat is created for those folks who prefer the taste and texture of white bread but who still want the nutritional benefits of whole wheat bread. In a way, it’s really the best of both worlds. Delicious bread that nourishes your body.

When selecting a bread, make sure you read the nutrition label carefully as marketers are notoriously deceptive. For more information, check out my guidelines and tips for buying a healthy bread.

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  1. Hi, Davey! Thank you for the article however the link “tips for buying a healthy bread” isn’t working. ?

  2. The question I have is about the Lectins.. I”m not saying wheat has no nutritional value.. But research does show that it actually agglutinates red blood cells in variety of human organ systems. Wtf?

    Honestly, I don’t know any gay people who DONT LOVE bread and carbs… I know Davey seems to find people who abhore them.. but where the hell are they??. cause I’d love to meet them..! Please.. I’d love to find a boyfriend who eats Paleo…

    In a society as healthy, loving, and emotionally available as ours.. hahahahaha…. one would think gay people (I am gay btw) would challenge conventional wisdom about grains (as being healthy and a quality staple in our diet…) just as we question heterosexual norms straight being the only healthy option…

  3. christopher says:

    these bread selections should be all good-as long as they are not enriched breads.enriched as first ingredient-bad.these are not-so its good.DW-knows what he says.believe can be backed nutritional professionals.

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