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Is Brown Sugar Healthier Than White Sugar?

Brown Sugar

Brown rice is healthier than white rice. Whole wheat bread is healthier than white bread. So does the same logic apply to sugar? Is brown sugar a healthier alternative to white, table sugar?

The vast majority of brown sugar is simply white sugar with molasses added back in. Interestingly, molasses occurs naturally in sugar - but manufacturers bleach out the molasses to produce white sugar. White sugar is transformed into brown sugar by the reintroduction of molasses in carefully measured amounts to control the color and consistency. As such, it’s accurate to say that most brown sugar is even more processed than white sugar.

Because of the molasses, brown sugar does have trace amounts of certain minerals - but not in any significant quantity. There’s really no nutritional advantage between the two sugars.

Instead of trying to figure out which sugars are healthier, it makes more sense to spend that time and energy developing strategies for reducing added sugar from your diet.

Is Raw Sugar Healthier?

Someone please tell him that there are better things to suck on.

Let’s be clear: Sugar is not healthy - and most of us eat way too much of it. When we compare raw sugar to regular, white table sugar, we’re really just examining the lesser of two evils.

In the refining process that creates white table sugar, minerals and vitamins are removed. These include Phosphorus, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, and Potassium. In addition, the refined sugar is treated with a number of chemicals and added ingredients to create the final product.

From an environmental standpoint, the less processing the better; it means less waste, less energy and fewer chemicals.

It’s also worth noting that, contrary to popular belief, brown sugar is not raw sugar. Brown sugar is refined white sugar with the added ingredient of molasses. Environmentally, it’s the least Earth-friendly.

Because of the nutrients, vitamins and smaller environmental impact, raw sugar is a slightly less detrimental choice - but it certainly doesn’t make raw sugar healthy. Regardless of the amount of processing, sugar isn’t a wise choice - and most of us have no need for the added sugar we consume. We get plenty of sugars through the fruits and vegetables we eat, and our bodies can create sugar from carbohydrates.

The bottom line: Rather than focusing on the type of sugar we consume, we should pay attention to the amount of sugar we consume.