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Change Your Workout for Better Results.

As I mentioned, I spent much of my weekend in New York City. To my delight, the gym in our hotel was covered in inspirational fitness quotes - and there are few things that I love more than inspiration fitness quotes (though the fitness model at right is one of them). In fact, I even designed a gym bag covered in uplifting quotes. The best of the best was a quote that read as follows:

“Focusing on results won’t change anything.
Focusing on change will give you results.”

The quote resonated with me, and I’ll tell you why.

We’ve all heard people say, “I wish my _______ was flatter/more defined/more muscular/thinner/thicker.” In fact, most of us have probably said it ourselves. It’s pretty easy to look toward the results that we want, but it’s much wiser (and a bit harder) to look at the changes in our routines that those results necessitate.

Many people get in a rut at the gym. It’s common to fall into a repetitive routine. But if your current routine isn’t creating the results you want, it’s time to make changes.

Often times, the changes don’t mean spending more time at the gym - or even necessarily working out harder (though this is sometimes the case). For many people, it’s really about exercising smarter. It’s about making use of the methods, techniques and exercises that are connected with the results you want.

But where do you start? Learn about exercise, and then apply what you learn to your routine - make the changes that will give you the results you want. Reading this blog is a great start. Signing up for these blog posts by email is even better. And stay tuned for Dec. 29 - I’ll be releasing a downloadable fitness program that will essentially make me your personal trainer. I’ll simultaneously hold your hand while kicking your workout’s butt. Great stuff.

The bottom line: Make a commitment to educate yourself about fitness, and then make the changes that your workout needs. More of the same will just bring you more of the same.