A Healthy Diet of… Words?

Yeah, we know that a healthy diet is part of weight loss. But should that diet include healthy words, too? Is it possible that our words are literally weighing us down?

Diane Petrella thinks so. And I tend to agree. Diane, in addition to being a good friend of mine, is a psychotherapist and columnist on Calorie Count. She writes:

A healthy diet of encouraging words is just as important as a healthy diet of nutritious foods. Because your mind and body are connected, your body responds to your words and images. Your words can either uplift and lighten you or feel heavy and weigh you down… It’s a chain effect that starts with your words. Your words become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your beliefs. Your beliefs become your reality.

All the negativity sabotages us from the onset. Stop for a moment and examine the words that you use when describing your body to yourself or others. Be honest. I’ll admit that I’m often my body’s worst critic. I’ve said things like, “I hate the way I look today” or “I’m a cow” or “I’m never going to be able to do that” more than a few times.

Instead of responding to our body with negativity or hate, Diane suggests something along these lines (or whatever feels authentic for you):

Even though I’m heavier than I want to be, I appreciate my body for all it does for me.  I commit to taking very good care of myself. I’m learning to love my body.

In actuality, our bodies are miraculous bundles of energy and information; each of us is a symphony of cells dancing to the same beautiful beat. It is through our bodies that we’re able to experience this world, and for that we can be very grateful and appreciative. There’s just no room left for negativity.

It’s a change in mindset that ultimately changes your reality. In a universe where we see what we believe (nope, not the other way around), treating your body with verbal love, gratitude, respect and compassion can make a world of difference.

Next time you hear yourself muttering an “I can’t”, “I won’t” or something negative about your body, bring awareness to your word choice and try to replace it with something that lifts you up instead of weighing you down.

Food for thought: What are some of the nasty things that you’ve said about your body? What can you replace those words with?

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  1. Very true[:

  2. Yea, it’s true, Law of Attraction works in all aspects of life, including health. Quantum mechanics also suggests that one person creates their own personal Universe. Keep positive, stay healthy. Much love. Bless!

  3. So true!

  4. I feel so motivated after reading that I want to hit the weights again today XD


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