Weight Loss Strategies that Work!

If you have a goal of losing weight, I’m a big fan of moving more and eating smarter. It’s healthy, sustainable and - best of all - it works.

But what else can help dieters achieve their weight loss goals? A new study set out to answer just that. Published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the study looked at a number of weight loss tools, tips and strategies by following 120 overweight women on a twelve month diet guided by registered nutritionists. The women were charged with losing 10% of their weight in six months - and then keeping it off for the next six months.

Based on the data, researchers found three key strategies that worked for the participants.

  1. Don’t skip meals. Skipping meals - as I mentioned in a post last week - is bad for your health and you waistline. It deprives your body of nutrients, slows your metabolism and causes you to overeat and crave unhealthy food options. According to the researchers in this study, meal skippers lost 8 fewer pounds than non-skippers.
  2. Journaling. Many weight loss coaches recommend journaling - and for good reason. The study found that journalers lost 6 more pounds than non-journalers. Each day, journalers record the foods consumed and the amount of calories contained therein. Doing this helps dieters track calories and provides some level of accountability for the food eaten.
  3. Don’t go out for lunch. With many restaurants loading their dishes with fried foods, butter and salt, eating out can be a real challenge for health-conscious individuals. In fact, researchers found that individuals who ate at restaurants for lunch at least once per week lost 5 fewer pounds than those who didn’t. Those extra calories really add up!

Have you ever tried any of these weight loss strategies? Did they work for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. hey Davey you’re great and we love you but although the USA is the first overweight country in the world also remember to include underweighted people, eating disorders are real and although in my case it’s just my super super light-speed metabolism, I would really appreciate if you make a post about putting on weight in a healthy way, since people always think that skinny people are so lucky, some wish to put on weight but at the same time I’m concern about just going to maccas everyday for every meal, not good, a hand over here, too ? please pretty please cherry on top

  2. I lost 20 lbs by keeping count of my calories with calorie count App on my iPhone. Journaling is the absolute best way possible. Its keeps you very aware of what youre putting in your body.

  3. Chris M says:

    Defo agree. Especially with points 2 and 3…hey that rhymes. I use My Fitbess Pal app to track my calories and if I’m eating out I’ll always try as plan ahead by looking at the menu online. Also, a lot of places are wiseing up and doing lower cal versions of dishes too!

  4. I have used all of these strategies and as long as I stick to them they do work.

  5. christopher says:

    ive done all three-now im doing two.lately ive fallen into a predictable pattern-so im good.seems to work for me.

  6. Hello Pal,,

    Yeah that right the Weight Loss System Only Works for Responsible People Who Are Not Lazy.. as you can see there a lot of people like to weight loss but still not working to do some effort to work it out…

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  8. There is no such thing as a bad diet program just bad dieters lol. People are lazy and most lack the willpower to follow a plan of how to lose weight.

  9. I forgot to mention that with the number of diet plans out there it should be easy for people to find one that works for them.


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