Quick Tip: 2 Second Pause for Better Results.

Looks like we've got ourselves a screamer!

Have two seconds? Great - that’s all you’ll need for this super quick fitness tip.

Try pausing for two seconds between your movements during exercise. For example, if performing squats, pause when your butt is lowest to the ground before you press back up. During a curl, pause when you’ve fully contracted your bicep, and then again when your arm is fully extended. You can use the 2 second pause during any strength training exercise.

Pausing for just two seconds will release any of the momentum that you might otherwise have when reversing directions. The momentum helps us cheat; without it, you’re relying entirely on muscle power. Which, when you’re trying to build muscle, is a good thing.

Sure, it makes the exercise harder - and you may have to do fewer reps and/or sets. But it will give you better results and a harder workout. Besides, who is looking for shortcuts?

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  1. Hehe, my name is Andrew, and i am a momentum cheater! lol, i shall try out this 2 second pausing right now and see how it goes =P

  2. Cool I didn’t know that. Thanks Davey

  3. That sounds like great advice! I know I’ll be checking myself for form so I don’t develop bad lifting habits.

    Thanks Davey!

  4. Good advice. In the same vein, never clap the dumbbells together. Not only is this annoying to everyone else, it utilizes momentum rather the force you need to stop and start the weight.

  5. This is exactly thought I had in this morning when I saw a girl doing her exercizes so fast.. she did 2 when I was in the middle of my second series… I wonder what did she get in her mind.


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