You Don’t Have Time NOT to Workout.

One of the most common excuses that I hear is, “I don’t have time to workout.”

It’s an interesting excuse because it’s so obviously untrue.

Did you know that Barack Obama spends 1 hour a day exercising? If the leader of the free world has time to hit the gym, then so do you.

But let’s dig deeper. Exercise extends your life and it prevents debilitating disease.

There is a famous Harvard study (graph pictured) that shows the relationship between physical exercise and longevity. It’s simple: Work out and you’ll live longer. You’ll have more time to do the things you love.

When it comes to disease and illness, think about how debilitating a head cold is. It keeps you out of work, off your routine and prevents you from tackling your busy schedule. Now imagine how debilitating a stroke would be. Or a heart attack. Exercise helps prevent all of that by lowering “bad” cholesterol, enhancing blood flow and helping your heart function more efficiently. Exercise also helps prevent Type II Diabetes, Obesity (which can lead to a number of time-sucking medical issues) and osteoporosis, among other things.

So it’s not a matter of not having enough time to exercise. It’s not having enough time not to exercise.

It’s also about making time. Chances are, you don’t have an hour of nothingness time built into your schedule that you could dedicate to exercise. It’s about moving things around and giving things up - like not watching Jersey Shore or America’s Next Top Model. It’s about prioritizing you, your body and your health.

The bottom line: You don’t have time not to work out.

Any questions?

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  1. First!

  2. Well…Actually I do have time…And usually do it to the extreme but never developed too much muscles, thin biotype -_- And I hate a lot any kind of “unnatural” thing^^.

    ps: keeping the good job…and I will ignore that part “the leader of free world”, he isn’t my leader, he isn’t my president, only USA president, that’s all!

    • lol - that’s what they call the president of the US haha… “Leader of the free world.” If the US *is* free. I guess that’s an overstatement.

  3. Davey I agree we need to exercise more. Do you have any suggestions for passive exercise? Something you could do while doing something else. ie. watching tv , on your computer…

  4. Looking at how I’ve had a bit of a cold for the past week, I didn’t really realize it until I had to blow my nose and see some of the rejected biology that had been making my muscles sorer than usual.

    It’s nice to realize that I can still bike and workout as everyone should, with careful attention to keep from shredding yourself to get that shredded look. Keep yourself well paced and steady in your routine expectations, and even if you switch up the routine in your gym, you’ll have reasonable results.

    Keeping fit to be healthy is a great way to improve your quality of life, and if it makes the quantity that much longer, then it’s a double bonus.


  5. Yes Davey, it really has to become part of your life, as you well know. Just like sleeping and eating- other things some people don’t have time for. You wonder about their priorities. We all have 24 hours in a day.

  6. Give up Jersey Shore?

    What will I do without my dose of Pauly D?

  7. I find that you don’t have to give up tv to exercise. An increasing number of gyms and fitness centers have tv’s that people can watch as they are working out, like cycling and on the treadmill… just bring your headphones.


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