5 Signs of Weight Loss Success!

Today’s guest post is by Davey Wavey’s good friend and spiritual weight release coach, Diane Petrella. Diane is also one of the contributors to The Davey Wavey Weight Loss Program.

If you monitor your weight loss progress, you probably look to your bathroom scale for feedback. Or perhaps you gauge pounds lost by how your clothes feel. While these visible indicators show you’re releasing weight, they don’t reveal the whole story. As any yo-yo dieter knows, these progress markers can come and go. Some other signs of success, however, aren’t so obvious, but once you achieve them they’re with you forever. 

A missing element in many weight loss approaches is developing your inner strength. You’ll reach your weight loss goal more easily when you erase negativity and doubt from your mind. Here are five signs that prove you’ve done so.

1. You Have Patience

Many people feel discouraged when they hit a plateau or the pounds don’t come off fast enough. They then give up too quickly. Permanent weight loss takes time. When you feel defeated re-evaluate your nutrition and exercise plan, and have patience. The longer it takes to release weight, the more time you have to change old ways of thinking that contributed to gaining weight in the first place. Patience helps you do that. You not only lose weight responsibly, you become a more confident person in the process.

2. You Persevere Through Set-backs

As you develop new lifestyle habits, you may falter sometimes. We all do. It doesn’t matter that you slip; what matters is what you do about it. Use set-backs as a valuable opportunity to strengthen your strong side. For example, if you missed exercising for several weeks, tell yourself with no judgment, “Tomorrow is a new day to keep moving forward.” Each time you persevere, you develop confidence. You weaken that taunting inner voice that says, “See, you can’t do this.” Perseverance responds, “Yes, I can”.

3. You Accept Your Body

Accepting your body doesn’t mean you tolerate being overweight. It means you honor your body as it is, while helping it become the best it can be. If it’s a big leap right now to “love” or even “like” your body, that’s OK. What’s important is to respect it. That means speaking to your body with kind words. It means giving it nutritious foods and movement so it thrives. You’ll reach your weight loss goals when you stop rebelling against your body. As you accept your body as the treasured gift it is, taking good care of it becomes your only option.

4. You Focus on Your Goal

Focus on where you’re headed instead of obsessing about where you are. You can’t move forward if your mind dwells on self-critical thoughts about being overweight. What we focus our attention on grows. Shift negative attention away from your current weight and concentrate on the positive lifestyle changes you’re making. This inspires you to succeed. When your desire to look forward overshadows the tendency to complain about where you are, you’ll reach your goal more easily.

5. You Make Yourself a Priority

To achieve weight loss success, your well-being must be of prime importance. This means setting boundaries. For example, if you plan to exercise after work and your friend asks to go shopping, what do you do? Do you skip exercise or do you skip shopping? If breaking promises to yourself becomes a pattern, you’re either not committed to your goals or you make other people’s needs more important than your own. When you make yourself a priority, however, you’ll not only reach your weight loss goal, your success will last forever.

What are your signs of success? Let me know in the comments below.

About DianePetrella

Diane Petrella, MSW is a psychotherapist and life coach. She offers her clients a spiritual approach to weight release and helps them develop a loving, respectful relationship with their bodies. Receive a free copy of Diane’s Seven Easy & Effortless Weight Loss Secrets by signing up for her monthly e-newsletter, Living Lightly, for spiritual insights and tips to release weight with confidence and love. To contact Diane visit www.dianepetrella.com.


  1. I knew I had flipped the switch in my head, when
    1. Negative self talk stopped
    2. Behaviors changed (stairs instead of escalator, eating half the sandwich etc)
    3. When I over ate I stopped freaking out & just adjusted my workout to compensate
    4. Started feeling better about food. It’s not the enemy lol

  2. I found that acceptance begins when you start pointing out the good things to yourself instead of worrying over the bad things.

  3. I always give my workouts priority, I go first thing in the morning 5am, this way I am able to do what someone else wants to do later in the day. My problem is that I always let other people influence me when it comes to eating. I will have to learn to say no when someone offers me something that is unhealty, like your article said, I have to respect my body.

    • Best way for it, at least for me it was, to think “I don’t want to eat that”, instead “i can’t eat that”. Even Davey said it in one text.
      Just start with that. And sometimes if some friend or cousin put a pressure on you to eat something: “Oh come on, it won’t kill you! It tastes good.”… you just say no thanks. If they get pushy, well push back. It’s your body, and your free will. Sometimes it’s ok to be b*tchy to people who don’t listen. 🙂

  4. christopher says:

    the key is to be consistent in diet-exercise-nutrition-and not letting outside deviance dictating your life.im continuously bombarded with taking a wrong path.but my success has been to avoid deviance-thats why ive been successful.its been working for me now over two years-and ive not put on weight.all i strive for is quality workouts.

  5. Van Oscar says:

    I love this article. These points are true and the good thing is I could put a check mark on almost every point. When I started to try to lose weight, I am easily distracted by other things which would make me lose track of my workouts and diet. But now, I’ve been very patient, persevered, ACCEPTING OF MY BODY and focused. Little by little I’m also trying to put myself first. =D. This article is very inspiring to me since I could not only see the difference in my body, but I could also feel the change in my way of thinking. Thank you.

  6. Ben Whitaker says:

    Amazing article 🙂 i feel a breeze of inspiration and motivation stirring. Thanks for the tips Davey!

  7. Fine way of explaining, and good post to take facts concerning my presentation subject, which i am going to
    present in institution of higher education.


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