How To Lose Weight Fast: Don’t.

men-male-diet-tummy-tuck-weight-lossIt seems like everyone is concerned with losing weight fast.

I get it. Immediate gratification is tempting. But this is your health. Rather than quick weight loss, let’s pursue a sustainable and lasting transformation. Let’s pursue a strategy that doesn’t involve losing 10 pounds in 10 days, and then gaining 15 pounds next month. Let’s be in it for the long haul.

F*ck fast. Let’s talk about effective.

As it turns out, fast and effective don’t go hand in hand; quick fixes and yo-yo diets don’t produce lasting results. In fact, through excessive calorie deprivation, they almost always slow down your metabolism and hinder further fat loss down the road. It creates a vicious cycle that does nothing to prioritize your health or fitness goals.

So what does work?

If you want a sustainable plan for losing fat and feeling great, there are three parts.

The first is rebuilding and repairing the relationship with your body. Again, this isn’t something that happens fast. It’s an ongoing process that sometimes requires the help of a trained professional. A lot of us have strained and abusive relationships with our bodies, so it takes time and energy (and sometimes guidance) to learn to love ourselves again.

The second is moving more. Increasing calories burned is a big part of losing weight. Beyond walking, running or other cardiovascular exercise, it also means using our muscles to strength train. By strength training, we maximize fat loss and minimize weight loss.

The third part is about nutrition. If you want to drop excess fat, it means consuming fewer calories than you burn. But this isn’t a death sentence. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. As you make wiser food choices, you’ll be delighted by the way your body feels. For most people, cutting just a few hundred calories per day can create lasting results. To make wiser food choices and to consume fewer calories, eat whole fruits instead of sugary snacks or beverages. Opt for complex carbs. Eat lots of vegetables; they’re delicious and filling. Eat real food, and not crap that comes frozen in bags. Eat only when you’re actually hungry. Minimize alcohol. And be patient.

Losing excess fat isn’t about extreme dieting or quick fixes. In fact, I don’t think about it as a diet at all. It’s more about changing your lifestyle. It’s about making adjustments so that your actions are in alignment with your goals. And it’s about making decisions that honor your body and your life.

Or you can lose five pounds in five days and gain it all back (and then some) next week. The choice is yours.

P.S. If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide, I recommend Davey Wavey’s Weight Loss Program. Because it’s effective and sustainable, it’s the last weight loss program you’ll ever need.

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  1. Thanks for the continued support. I’ve been reading and watching you for ages. Since getting married to my husband I’ve let my fitness and health deteriorate. I now know this is my time to change. I’ll keep you posted. X

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  4. Martin Koehler says:

    I have been one of the many men & women who have lost and regained weight many times to the detriment of my health. I believe I have lost and regained over 400 lbs in my lifetime. Each time I lose the weight I have lost valuable muscle and at 62 I have very little muscle left. I finally went to the doctor was test and found out that I had low T levels that below 200 this may have been a mitigating problem in my weight loss challenged. Since starting on T with exercise and loss I have went from 425 to 371 over the past two years, some of this weight loss is the natural decline do to aging. My doctor gave me a little advise get 8 hours rest a day, 5 fruits & vegetables, no more than 2 hours of recreational surfing or television, 1 hour of exercise and 0 drinks with sugar in them! If your young stay healthy & sexy!

  5. Roy Julian says:

    There was a program on TV here in Australia called the “Men Who Made Us Fat” and how portions sizes have increased alarmingly in the western world. When they took the saturated fat out of food they replaced it with sugar and the world got a lot fatter as a result. Vested interest has played a huge part in this.
    They asked French people who were in the US what’s the difference between McDonalds in France and McDonalds in the US. They said that the large cup size for shakes in France was the small size in the US.
    Often fresh fruit and veg in the supermarkets has been in storage for months and has had numerous chemicals added to it, to make it look fresh.
    We are bombarded everyday with tempting treats which makes losing weight and keeping it off so much harder.

    • FloridaLifeFitCouple says:
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