I’m Obese And Want to Lose Weight. Where Do I Start?

In the last 7 years, I’ve gained 160lbs. Though I was athletic my entire life, I recently hit 320lbs and I’ve decided that it’s time to do something. Right now, the only exercise that I get is walking from the couch to the refrigerator during commercial breaks. My diet is also pretty fatty.

I don’t even know where to start. Do I exercise? Do I eat better? Both?


0601_MGMT_obese_630x420Hey Jordan,

The first step is always the hardest - and you’re well on you way to taking it. Congratulations on your resolve. By creating a healthier lifestyle, you’ll improve the quality of your own life and have so much more to give the people around you.

So which comes first? Exercise? Or diet? The truth is, both. By combining a healthier diet with exercise, you’ll decrease the calories going into your body and increase the calories going out. This creates a calorie deficit; the result is weight loss.

Can you get results from just diet? Sure. Can you get results from just exercise? Of course. But creating a healthy life - and getting the best results possible - comes from a combination of moving more and eating smarter.

As I’d advise anyone in your situation, start gradually. We are creatures of habit and stubbornly resistant to change - especially big changes. As such, lean into the improvements. Start with a walk here. And a salad there. Maybe join a gym and start with two or three days per week - and only exercise 30 minutes. Grill up some fresh vegetables. Replace your a soda with water.

You didn’t gain 160 pounds overnight, and you won’t lose it overnight either. And that’s okay. As you slowly introduce new and healthy changes into your life, your body and mind will have time to adapt. That’s a good thing.

So why wait? Start right now. Get off the f*cking internet and take a walk. Everything will still be here with you return.


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  1. Steve317 says:

    That was a great response… Until the last paragraph, which was a bit snarky.

    For many of us, it’s hard to just get started. I never enjoyed exercise and trying to get to it on my own is difficult.

    I’d recommend getting a pedometer for a starting point. See what you walk on a daily basis for a week and then make it your goal to increase that number. Personally, I use the Wii Fit Meter. It’s dorky but the game gets me to log in my steps and see progress in my walking and altitude changes. It’s a small start but I have to start somewhere.

    • I agree with you, Steve.

    • Davey, you’re getting to be obese

    • TDJakesShow says:

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  2. Question. I’ve lost my first 100 just last week and I still have at least 120 to go. My question is how do I avoid having that extra skin ?

    • Id Imagine It would just be not to loose it rediculously fast, Let your skin adapt slowly with the change 🙂

    • Drink lots of water, eat or suplement Collagen and try to do at least some weight lifting.
      if you do it all, you wont have or at least wont have much of losing skin.

  3. Davey, that don’t sound like you. I know you are motivating but remember what you said about words and checking your email and tweets before you send them. I know you mean well but you your self know words do hurt. Be cool peace out. Love ya.

  4. Barry Martin says:

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