Your Body is the Greatest Instrument You’ll Ever Own.

If you think about the time people spend tuning their cars, cleaning their homes and washing their clothes, it’s apparent that we are all invested in the “things” we value.

But of all the objects we own, is any more important than our bodies? After all, without a body, we can’t drive our cars, enjoy or homes or wear our clothes. Without a body, we can’t expend energy cultivating relationships with the people we love. Without a body, we can’t enjoy any of the wonderful things that life has to offer.

If we invest time maintaining the important things we own, and if the body is the most important thing we own, then why do only 30% of Americans exercise regularly?

Beyond cleaning our teeth and combing our hair, our bodies require maintenance for proper function. Our bodies crave movement. They wanted to be twisted and pulled and pushed. They want to work, run, jump and sweat.

They’re not to be taken for granted - and they’re certainly not replaceable. If your car breaks down, you can get a new one. If your body stops working, you can’t trade it in for a newer model.

Your body is the greatest, most important and most valuable thing that you’ll ever own. Let’s do ourselves a favor and start treating it as such.

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