5 Nutriton Mistakes “Healthy” People Make.

a-shirtless-friday-5A healthy diet can improve the quality of your life. And it can help you achieve your fitness goals. But with so much marketing hype and misinformation, making smarter decisions isn’t always easy - even for people who consider themselves healthy.

In fact, here are a few nutrition mistakes that “healthy” people commonly make.

  1. You salads are covered in shit. There’s no doubt that a salad full of lettuce and vegetables is a great start. Unfortunately, many of us cover all the goodness in things like cheese, creamy dressings and bacon bits. Make a salad that tastes like salad - and not a 1,500 calorie gut bomb.
  2. You’re juicing. Fruit juices have become increasingly popular; in Los Angeles, there’s a cold pressed juice stand on almost every corner. And while eating fruits is a smart decision, most fruit juicing processes remove the fiber that helps give fruit its nutritional punch. You’re left with a sugary beverage that is marginally healthier than soda. If you want a healthier and cheaper choice, opt for water, water and more water.
  3. You fall for misleading labels. Marketers are geniuses when it comes to misleading consumers. Words like detox, low-fat, fat-free, reduced-fat, low calorie, low carb, all natural, organic and gluten free all seem to convey a nutritional benefit. Unfortunately, they don’t. These are misleading buzz words; instead, determine whether or not a food is healthy by reading the nutrition label and ingredients.
  4. You eat energy bars and consume sports drinks. Except for grueling physical activity like an intense workout or hike, there’s really no place for energy bars or sports drinks. The former is often a glorified candy bar with just as much sugar and the later is a mixture of water and sugar. Only consume these products to power through intense physical activity.
  5. You avoid all carbs. Obviously, simple carbohydrates like those found in candy, energy bars, sugary drinks and refined grain products like white bread aren’t a smart choice in most situations. But, carbohydrates aren’t entirely bad. In fact, complex carbohydrates like those found in quinoa, whole grains and beans are absolutely part of a healthy diet - and something that your body needs to function properly and power through a workout. Workouts are powered by carbohydrates, not by protein; don’t get it twisted.

What are some other nutrition mistakes that healthy people make? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this post - it’s reassuring to know that your body guides you in the right direction. After eating healthy for a while fruit juices started tasting sugary… and it felt better to eat salads just as they are, without the extras.

    Looking forwards to the next post - happy to have a trustful source for information on health and wellness!

  2. Great post Davey. Every time I go to my local Costco they have people pushing supplements and some guy hawking a big expensive juicer. I cringe. I challenged the juice guy once - I have a MS in Health Education - and the audience about lynched me. It has become a religion. I enjoy a glass of light OJ in the morning, but juicing everything in site is just scary. And if you don’t eat carbs it is impossible to get sufficient energy, or to get enough fiber, vitamins, etc. Unless, of course, you take three handfuls of supplements a day. Healthy eating is work but it is not a mystery. There are no quick fixes - in pills, bars, bottles or juicers.

  3. i just bought the package for u$s 59, and it’s not working the book is 0 bites and videos don’t play. Till know everything was ok with your site

  4. Yeah, the guys in the pic are NOT healthy.They don’t have enough body fat for their bodies to function properly.

  5. This post had numerous spelling and grammar errors. PLEASE perform spelling and grammar checks in the future. Thanks.