7 Ways to Freshen Your Workout!

I just joined a new gym and I can’t believe the effect it has had on my workout. It’s different equipment, different machines, different people and different classes - and quite frankly, it has all been a breath of fresh air.

We human beings are creatures of habit, but our workouts crave change. Our muscles and bodies adjust to the same old - and more of the same always produces more of the same. Here are a few tips for breathing new life into your old and stale workout:

  1. Fresh environment. Changing gyms can make a HUGE difference. I think I was getting a bit too comfortable at my old gym; much of my workout was spent chatting it up with familiar faces. I don’t yet have friends at my new gym, and it keeps me to the task at hand. You can also freshen up the environment by taking your workout outside. Outdoor cardio is very challenging, and you can get a good strength training workout using your body weight as resistance. Bike. Hike. Or play sports with your family and friends.
  2. Fresh tunes. Did you know that numerous studies have concluded people burn more calories during exercise while listening to music? I’ll be honest - I think my iPod is more of a hassle than it’s worth (with all the wires, batteries and cords with which to deal). But many people love exercising to music - and what better way to breathe new life into your workout than creating a new playlist? Our brains become bored with the same old music, and that can create negative energy energy that translates to our routines. Get some new beats!
  3. Fresh exercises. Our bodies adjust to, and become comfortable with, the exercises that we perform. If you normally do the pec fly machine, for example, try dumbbell pec flies instead. Just switching up a few exercises makes a big difference that you’ll really feel.
  4. Fresh kicks. Running sneakers should be replaced every 400 - 500 miles. Wearing sneakers beyond their life expectancy increases the risk of injury. Consider investing in a new pair - it will feel great, and give you some extra “umph” at the gym. Calculate how long your shoes will last and write the expiration date inside the sneaker.
  5. Fresh order. This is the simplest thing you can do! Reverse the order of the exercises for each muscle group. If you normally do dead lifts, squats, calf raises and lunges, try doing lunges, calf raises, squats and then dead lifts. Your body will thank you.
  6. Fresh classes. My new gym has a slew of classes that I’ve never taken, like “yogalates” and kickboxing. While trying a new class can be intimidating, it’s a great way to work your muscles in new ways - and to learn new exercises. And if you’ve already taken everything that your gym has to offer, expand your horizons. Sign up at a rock-climbing gym, take karate - or, if you’re feeling ambitious, download my yoga program.
  7. Fresh foods. If local produce is in season, treat your body to some delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. Going to a farmer’s market is much more fun than a giant supermarket, and it’s good to support the growers in your community. While eating fresh foods isn’t part of your workout per se, it does help support a healthy and balanced diet which will make you feel great!

Try these tips to add new life to your old routine - and if you have any additional ideas, please share them in the comments below.

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  1. If possible, go at different times of the day. Feels completely a lot different as well.

  2. Rusty Redfield says:

    Something you yourself recommended recently, Davey — get some new workout clothes. Perhaps it’s shallow, but whatever gets your ass to the gym, even if it’s just to show off a new pair of workout shorts.

  3. I believe, motivation is key to anything in this world. Nothing motivates me more then a person i hardly know, or haven’t seen in a while say I’ve made progress, its a great feeling.