The Best-Kept Nutrition Secret Ever…

To say that frozzzen hot chocolate is delicious is to say that Zac Efron is cute.

Last month, I bought a container of Serendipity’s Frrrozen Hot Chocolate Mix. To say that it’s delicious is to say that Zac Efron is cute. Yummy doesn’t even begin to cut it.

Yesterday afternoon, when looking for a snack, I contemplated making some of the mix. I glanced at the nutrition information, only to discover that each serving contains 61 grams of sugar, 66 carbohydrates and nearly 400 empty calories. Yikes! Clearly, it’s a drink for very special occasions - and not something to be consumed every day.

For a few minutes, I was a bit crestfallen. But then I realized that there were plenty of delicious alternatives that I could eat - putting into practice one of the best-kept nutrition secrets: Don’t focus on what you can’t eat. Focus on what you can eat.

If you focus on the foods that you can’t eat, making healthy choices could be unnecessarily painful. You’ll feel deprived, and by thinking about unhealthy foods - you’ll develop cravings from them. If you think about cheesecake long enough, you’re probably going to get a hankering for some. Don’t mourn over what you can’t eat; rejoice in the foods that you can! Take a glass half-full approach.

Indeed, frrrozen hot chocolate might not make the cut - but many other refreshing options like smoothies or fruit salad are viable alternatives. And healthy foods can be delicious and satisfying, so put your energy and attention there.

And there you have it - the best-kept nutrition secret ever. EVER!

What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below. Don’t be shy.

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  1. we should let Oprah know 😛

  2. 100% agree… the positive spin on eating goes so much further than the negative you can’t have that… I followed it over the past year and have currently lost over 80lbs, with proper exercise of course. Positive thinking and baby steps is how I did it, don’t change too quick, make it a lifestyle change and you have given yourself a better chance at keeping it off.

  3. I find one of the best things that helped me is knowing some basic nutrition. Some people fear what they read because they dont understand it correctly. 61g of sugar and 66g carbohydrates does sound scary, but maybe a bit too scary. I’m not saying you don’t know your stuff, but others may just see that as 127g of stuff that makes you fat. It’s 61/66 grams of carbohydrates that ARE sugar. Carbohydrates isn’t something to fear, you NEED it to for energy and to burn off fat efficiently. This is where the empty calories come in. Try focusing on foods that give you enough nutrients for the day.

  4. Oh great, now I want cheesecake. Thanks…


  5. I agree completely. I always through my weight loss struggles looked at the foods I coudln’t eat rather than the foods I could. Having changed my mind set over a month, I have now lost over 20 lbs. I am reading labels now where as before I wasn’t, and really watching what I put into my body. One thing I have started doing is purchasing healthy foods and making my own recipes, some are definetly mash-ups and may not look all that appealing but taste great and satisfy me. In addition, I cut out red meat, and only eat lean meats, and the vegan alternatives, which taste great…I used to scoff at people who ate that sutff…haha…Definitely loving your tips Davey, look forward to reading more in the future 😉

  6. Love it…. and right beside the article/post, over in the right hand margin, is a groupon ad with a photo of 3 completely loaded cheeseburgers! 🙂

  7. Davey - I apply this same rule to my decision to turn vegetarian. Everyone focuses on ‘so you can’t eat this…or that…or THAT?!’. From the start I focused on what I *could* be eating, and my diet has improved 10 fold, easily! My energy, concentration and fitness levels have improved enormously, and I’m eating the most delicious food 🙂

    This is a great tip - I think you should copyright it! x

  8. Paulina Scapigliata says:

    Thanks alot :). Love you davey!

  9. Brent Robinson says:

    I quit smoking 2 months 27 days 16 hours ago and the first 2-weeks I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted; my tastebuds were being restored and I was rediscovering why I loved Ben and Jerrys Americone! I found myself waking up at 1am to drive a mile to the 7-11 grab a pack of Hostess 6 mini-chocolate donuts placing them in a bowl covering them with a pint (yea, you read it correctly, a PINT) of B&J’s Americone… then I added the caloric content 2150 CALORIES! Yikes, obviously #no1likesAfatty so that sweet tooth craving had to change. The trainer at my gym turned me onto Jell-O’s FAT-Free/SUGAR-FREE cheesecake pudding. I mix it up with FAT_FREE milk and usually put fruit (razberries, blueberries) at the bottom of the cup.. This 110 calorie snack is mosdef better than the afore mentioned smoke free treat!!!


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