How Many Steps Is That Pizza?

A journey of a thousand miles may begin with a single step, but it takes 4,560 steps to burn the calories in a slice of pepperoni and cheese pizza. To put that into perspective, that translates to about two miles. Sobering, isn’t it?

Obviously, we need food to live - and calories are a necessity. But by being aware of the calorie content in some of these unhealthy food options, we can can make wiser decisions.

Courtesy of a company called GlobalFit, here are some of the top offenders:

  • One serving of mashed potatoes - 1,540 steps
  • One serving of chocolate ice cream - 1,980 steps
  • Macaroni and cheese - 2,640 steps
  • Large French fries - 6,000 steps
  • Slice of pepperoni pizza - 4,560 steps
  • Cheeseburger - 3,840 steps
  • Doughnut - 2,640 steps
  • Chocolate-chip cookie - 2,520 steps
  • Milk chocolate bar - 2,520 steps
  • 16 potato chips - 1,800 steps
  • Mug of beer - 1,680 steps
  • Can of cola - 1,680 steps
  • 4 cups of buttered popcorn - 1,488 steps
  • 10 thin pretzels - 1,320 steps

Of course, rather than focus our energy and attention on all these unhealthy foods, I think it’s much wiser to think about all the wonderful, colorful and nourishing healthy foods that are available to us.

And who eats just one slice of pizza, anyway?!

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  1. Plan B: The pizza boy in the photo may help you loosin’ the calories provided by the pizza slice 😛

  2. mmmmmm…. landon mycles/marcus mojo in pizza boy g.b…. 😉 with a pizza boy like that, bring on the pie!! lol

  3. The best thing you can do if you’re serious about controlling your diet, in my opinion, is planning your cheat meals.

    If you plan to have one meal each week, where you will eat anything and everything, where you will STUFF yourself and eat TWO pizzas if you want, then you get two benefits.

    Mental benefit: it becomes easier to not cheat during the days leading up to it, because you have “something to look forward to.” It’s easier to get yourself to cheat RIGHT NOW if all you have in front of you is an unending series of salads.

    Physical benefit: If you jam all of those calories into one meal, your body won’t be able to store it as fat. As long as you eat a clean diet the rest of the time, your body will spike its metabolism when you have your “bad meal” (which will actually burn MORE calories) but most of it will pass through you.

    It’s a myth that even ripped bodybuilders or athletes can never let themselves eat a pizza. As long as you only do it at very planned intervals… heck, have two (pizzas, that is).

  4. I read this earlier and came back to it because I couldn’t remember what picture you had chosen to accompany the post. I realized I didn’t even look at it he first time because the guy is wearing clothes.

  5. christopher says:

    two miles to burn off that pizza slice-WOW.i wonder how many sit-ups?these numbers are i know why ive not cheated in the last current weight loss is such that i havent gained at all-and daily workout to boot.thanks for these numbers.ive been tempted this holiday season-and have resisted temptation.cheat?maybe-but only when i reach my goal.ive worked too hard to get to this point.19 pounds more to lose.

  6. Well since im lazy I will eat the pizza instead of the french fries. 2000 less steps…


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