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Are You Beach Body Ready? YES!

Across London, advertisements were posted featuring a bronzed model and a question: Are you beach body ready?

The reaction has been loud and swift. With complaints of body shaming, Londoners have responded by defacing the signs with their own commentary.

Here are a few of my favorites:




Am I beach body ready? Yes. We all are. And it has nothing to do with size. Period.

The beach isn’t a privilege for women that are size two. Or for men with six packs. It’s for all of us to enjoy, and to imply otherwise is both ridiculous and potentially damaging.

Though the company behind the campaign is completely unapologetic (and claims 5,000 new customers have signed up in 4 days), it can easily be argued that fitness and nutrition products have a responsibility to avoid contributing to a culture of body shaming and insecurity. While campaigns like these may generate sales, it’s blood money.

Instead of emphasizing body size and further marginalizing individuals who might already feel insecure about the way they look, marketers ought to focus on health and well being. Rather than profiting off of insecurities, be part of the solution.

And that’s something that all of our bodies are definitely ready for.

The “Beach Body” Alternative!

Today’s guest post is by Davey Wavey’s good friend and spiritual weight release coach, Diane Petrella. Diane is also one of the contributors to The Davey Wavey Weight Loss Program.

beach-body-04-mike-sorrentinoOver the past few months you’ve probably seen articles urging you to scramble and get “beach body ready” for summer. While this may appeal to the desire to comfortably wear bathing suits, shorts, and sleeveless clothes, it misses the mark.

Fitness is for all season long, not just for summer. Wearing fewer clothes in hot weather can feel intimidating enough to those who already lack confidence with their bodies.

I have an alternative.

Instead of fretting about having the perfect “beach body”, how about making friends with your body all year long? Here are five promises to make to your body this summer… and to keep forever:

1. I promise to speak to you kindly.
(No self-criticism.)

Negative thoughts create stress in your body. Loving thoughts heal. When you catch yourself saying you look “awful” or you “hate” your body, simply notice without judgment, and say to that thought, “OK, here you are again.” Take a deep breath. Exhale that negative energy. Then say to your body, “I’m sorry for talking to you this way”. Forgive yourself and move on. Stay determined. Changing habits of thought take time. By creating a space of love and forgiveness, the cycle of negativity eventually stops.

2.  I promise to accept you the way you are and hold you with pride.
(Head held high; shoulders back.)

Accepting your body doesn’t mean you settle for being at a weight you’re uncomfortable with. It means you support your body and pledge to take good care of it. One way to show your support is to hold good posture and carry your body with self-respect. If you feel insecure about your body, this may feel unnatural at first. That’s OK. Practice anyway because research shows that when you straighten your posture, you also improve your mood. Add a smile to your face and the feel good hormones in your body come alive. Your body does a lot for you. Acknowledge its gifts by carrying it with dignity and respect.

3. I promise to nourish my body with healthy food and movement.
(And not so healthy food in moderation.)

You already know the importance of healthy nutrition and exercise, right? But sometimes your fear mind may try to sabotage you by ruminating on foods you’re “not supposed to eat.” And while you know you “should” exercise, you may struggle to follow though. Here’s a tip to help transform healthy behaviors into a daily habit. After doing something that typically feels challenging, say to yourself, “That was easy.” For example, say this after eating a wholesome meal and enjoying dessert in moderation or after taking a morning walk before work.  Saying “that was easy” helps encourage new habits because your brain links to “easy”, creating a positive association to something that previously felt difficult.

4. I promise to attend to our soul.
(Activities that calm my mind and bring joy to my heart.)

It’s vital to your health and well-being that you nurture yourself with soul enriching activities that relax your body, rest your mind, and fill your heart with joy. This peaceful state activates healing energies in your body to relieve stress and helps liberate you from relying on food for emotional comfort. Commit to daily “me” time to do those things that bring you inner peace. For example, read an inspiring book, work a craft project, meditate, pray, walk in nature, write in a journal, etc. Discover what makes your heart sing and your whole body will respond with loving appreciation.

5. I promise to go within and ask you what you need.
(Together we’re a blessed team.)

While it’s important to educate yourself from sources that you trust, only you and your body know what’s best for you. Learn to listen to your intuition and body wisdom so you can access this powerful guidance. Every morning take a few moments to be silent and go within. Ask your body, “What do you need from me today so you will feel loved and well-cared for?” Then, honor what you hear and let the whispers of your body light your way.

As you disregard the “beach body” mentality, you’ll discover what matters most about this beautiful partnership with your body. And to help you keep your five promises, be sure to make this important promise to yourself:

“I promise to forgive myself for the times I stumble. I’m human and I’m doing the best I can.”

Will you make these promises to your body?